FlipLink.me Lifetime Deal $49 | Best PDF Into Flipbook Converter

Apr 16, 2023 | Content Marketing, AI Writers | 0 comments

FlipLink.me Lifetime Deal $49 | Best PDF Into Flipbook Converter

Apr 16, 2023 | Content Marketing, AI Writers | 0 comments

FlipLink.me Review

Are you trying to find out the meaning of the phrase convert PDF to Flipbook? 

If you’re looking for someone like me to assist you on how to convert PDFs into online Flipbooks with FlipLink, you’ve found the right place.

Using FlipLink, you can transform your PDFs into marketing-ready links that can be tracked and optimized using Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and more. 

Hello, and thank you for reading my review of FlipLink.me lifetime deal, 

in which I’ll tell you everything you need to know about FlipLink.me, including its features, why you need to use it, the tools it offers, the pricing plans it offers, the FlipLink.me Appsumo Deal, a discount, and my final thoughts.

What Is FlipLink.me?


FlipLink.me is a web-based platform that gives users the ability to create marketing-friendly FlipLinks from their PDF documents using lead generation, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Pebbly Connect. You can turn PDF files into FlipLinks that can be used for marketing. 

These FlipLinks have features like lead generation, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. Use FlipLink for the best results when you want to give your audience a smooth experience. With FlipLinks, you can easily distribute the content you create via email, social media, and other channels with just the click of a button. 

You have the option of adding your logo, along with an optimized title and description, to your Fliplink. In addition to this, you can select the background that will be used and decide which buttons will be visible. You can make it distinctive and personalize it. With the embed code, you can quickly include your FlipLink into any website of your choosing. 

You have the ability to personalize the look and feel of your FlipLink for your site’s visitors. Everyone, regardless of where they are active, has access to share their FlipLink with others. FlipLink can make a great post about it and share it on one of your social networks.

Who Should Use FlipLink.me?

Fliplink.me AppSumo

The FlipLink.me Lifetime Deal is best for:

  • Marketers
  • Photographers
  • Real estate
  • Freelancer
  • Small Busineses

How FlipLink.me Feature Helps You:


FlipLink.me is a powerful tool that offers various features to help users in different ways. Some of the main ways FlipLink.me can help you include:

Creating Customizable Landing Pages: 

FlipLink.me lets you make landing pages that are both visually appealing and fully adaptable to your needs. You can add your own branding, images, text, and links to create a landing page that represents your personal or business identity.

FlipLink.me helps you manage multiple links in one place. You can create a single landing page with multiple links that redirect to different destinations, such as social media profiles, websites, blog posts, products, or services. This makes it easy to share and promote multiple links using just one URL, saving you the hassle of constantly changing or updating links in your bio or social media posts.

FlipLink.me provides detailed analytics and insights on the performance of your links. You can track clicks, impressions, and other relevant data to gain insights into how well your links are performing, which can help you make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing or promotional strategies.

Enhancing User Experience: 

FlipLink.me allows you to create a seamless and user-friendly experience for your audience. Instead of flooding them with links, you can give them a single landing page that shows all of your links in an organized and visually appealing way. This will make the user’s experience better and make it more likely that they will engage with you or buy something from you.

Increasing Engagement & Conversions: 

Creating a visually appealing landing page using FlipLink.me can increase the likelihood that your target audience will click on your links, which in turn could increase engagement and revenue. FlipLink.me also offers analytics that may be used to fine-tune your links and landing pages for maximum conversion potential.

In summary, FlipLink.me is a useful tool for both personal and professional use because of the wide variety of features it provides. These include the ability to design visually appealing landing pages, manage multiple links, monitor link performance, improve the user experience, and boost engagement and conversions.

FlipLink.me Lifetime Deal Includes:

  • Lifetime access to FlipLink.me
  • Choices Available to Change Your Language
  • Your license must be activated within 60 days after the purchase date.
  • Guarantees of a 60-day money-back period if unsatisfied.

FlipLink.me Appsumo Pricing Plan:

One-Time Purchase Of $49

  • One Hundred Page-Turners
  • Each PDF may not exceed 150 MB in size.
  • Custom URL
  • Branding options
  • 100s of backgrounds
  • Control customization
  • Password protection
  • Lead capture forms
  • Each extra code unlocks a hundred more Flipbooks.

Get Extra 10% Discount From Appsumo:


If you follow the instructions below, you can receive an additional 10% discount on the Fliplink.me Lifetime offer that we are offering on Appsumo.

  • Visit the “FlipLink.me Appsumo Offer” page,
  • Be on the lookout for the Discount Popup.
  • Enter your email address here.
  • Click “UNLOCK MY 10%” just once.
  • Check your email for an additional 10% off.
  • For the initial purchase only.

FlipLink.me Main Pricing Plan:

Lifetime Deal 

One-Time Purchase Of $49

  • 100 Flipbooks

Team $79 Per Month

(Suitable for small teams)

  • 250 Flipbooks

Enterprise $129 Per Month

(Suitable for Large teams)

Alternative To FlipLink.me:


FlipBooklets is a tool that, among other things, allows you to convert your PDFs into interactive PDF flip books in a matter of seconds, circumvents spam filters, and offers analytics.

Pros & Cons of FlipLink.me:

The following are some advantages and disadvantages of using FlipLink.me:


  • FlipLink.me lets you change the short link into something more memorable or branded. Branding and name recognition can both benefit from this.
  • FlipLink.me offers simple metrics for checking how well your shortened links are doing.
  • Protect your links with a password, set an expiration date, and use a unique alias—all of these options are available on FlipLink.me.
  • FlipLink.me provides a free plan with minimal functionality that is ideal for casual consumers or small enterprises.


  • Third-party FlipLink.me shortens and redirects links. Distrustful internet users may worry.
  • FlipLink.me gives basic information, but link improvement may require more tracking and reporting.

Conclusion Of FlipLink.me:

In conclusion, FlipLink.me is a PDF to Flipbook converter that is easy to use, has links that can be changed, provides basic analytics, and has security features. It has a free plan, but it has a lot of restrictions. 

But it also has some problems, such as competition from other services, the possibility of relying on infrastructure from a third party, limitations in analytics, and the chance that links will break over time.

When evaluating FlipLink.me or any other site that converts PDF to Flipbook, users should carefully think about what they need and want. Price, features, customizability, security, and analytics are all things that should be thought about. 

Overall, FlipLink.me can be a useful tool to convert PDF to Flipbook and track basic link performance, but users should be aware of its limitations and make a decision based on their own needs.

So get your “FlipLink.me Lifetime Deal right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Here, I’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions in the FlipLink.me Review.

  • What is Fliplink?

    Using Fliplink, you can easily transform your PDFs into marketing-ready Fliplinks with features like lead generation, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Pabbly Connect.
    FlipLinks can now be hosted on a custom subdomain, as CNAME support is now available.

  • When do I use Fliplink?

    Using FlipLinks, your PDFs will be more marketable, spectacular, and memorable to your readers.

  • Which file types can I use with FlipLink?

    Any PDF up to 150 MB in size can be uploaded to FlipLink.

  • Will the hyperlinks in my PDF still work when I convert it to FlipLink?

    FilpLink does, in fact, support your links.

  • Can I update the pdf and link?

    In a word, yes! If you make changes to your PDF in the FlipLink Dashboard, those revisions will appear at the same URL.

  • Is there a maximum capacity for codes that can be used?

    The locked features annoy me because I am a high-quality Sumoling. Hence, in FlipLink, every code has access to all features. An extra 100 Flipbooks will be added to your account once you enter the code.

  • Is the 100-Fliplink cap in the lifetime offer for early adopters monthly or yearly?

    One hundred flipbooks in all, with one hundred more fliplinks per code.

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