AppMySite Lifetime Deal $59 | Codeless Mobile App Builder

Aug 6, 2023 | Business Tools, Content Marketing | 0 comments

AppMySite Lifetime Deal $59 | Codeless Mobile App Builder

Aug 6, 2023 | Business Tools, Content Marketing | 0 comments

AppMySite Review

Are you looking for a firm that can create a mobile app from scratch, which may be a process that is both difficult and expensive? If so, you have arrived at the right place, as it can offer assistance.

However, developing a bespoke app requires a significant investment of time and resources, in addition to a solid understanding of coding.

Imagine for a moment that there exists an amazing platform that lets you create an app without having to write a single line of code.

AppMySite Lifetime Deal can help you get started.

Hello there, and welcome to this AppMySite review. In this post, you will learn what AppMySite is, its features, why you need to use it, standard pricing plans, the AppMySite Appsumo lifetime deal, a discount, and our final opinion.

What Is AppMySite?

AppMySite Lifetime Deal

AppMySite is a web-based mobile app builder that helps companies quickly and easily develop native mobile apps for both iOS and Android, without needing to learn any programming language.

The software’s user-friendly interface enables individuals to create applications in a matter of minutes.

This user-friendly online app builder guarantees quality, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and time-efficiency. By selecting a motif from a library, you can imbue your mobile app with a touch of your brand’s image.

Additionally, the program comes with a variety of pictures and layouts that may be used as themes. This app developer provides you with the ability to monitor how well their software is performing, which enables them to make more informed business choices.

Even better, it provides a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to monitor the number of app users, updates, installations, and a great deal more in a single location.

Using AppMySite, a company may make the logo for its company look more professional by modifying the color, the alignment, and the typeface. You also have the option of uploading the logo for your company as an app icon.

The new application will be compatible with your website and will feature a variety of social media handles, both of which will assist in the promotion of your business and the acquisition of additional clients.

Who Should Buy AppMySite Lifetime Deal?

AppMySite AppSumo

The AppMySite Lifetime Deal is best for:

  • Ecommerce
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Small Businesses
  • Web Design Agencies

How Does AppMySite Work?

Using AppMySite is a straightforward and streamlined process. First, you sign up for an account on the AppMySite website. 

Once you’re logged in, you can begin building your app by selecting the desired platform (iOS or Android) and choosing a template that aligns with your business’s aesthetics.

Next, you can customize various elements of your app, such as the layout, color scheme, fonts, and images. AppMySite’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to rearrange elements and preview your app in real-time.

After customizing the design, you can add features to your app, such as push notifications, in-app purchases, user authentication, and more. AppMySite provides a comprehensive range of features that cater to different business needs and industries.

Once you’re satisfied with your app’s design and features, you can preview it on the AppMySite simulator to ensure everything looks and functions as intended. 

If you’re happy with the outcome, you can proceed to publish your app on the App Store and Google Play Store, reaching millions of potential users.

Features of AppMySite:

Easy App Builder:

AppMySite’s app builder makes the entire process of creating a mobile app hassle-free. It eliminates the need for coding or technical expertise, allowing users to focus on the design and functionality of their app. The drag-and-drop interface and pre-built templates make it easy to customize the app according to specific requirements.

Customization Options:

With AppMySite, users have complete control over the look and feel of their app. They can choose from a wide range of themes, color schemes, fonts, and layouts to create a unique app that aligns with their brand identity. AppMySite also supports the integration of logos, icons, and images to further enhance the app’s aesthetics.

User-friendly Interface:

AppMySite’s user-friendly interface ensures that even beginners can navigate the app building process effortlessly. The intuitive design and clear instructions make it easy to add pages, features, and content to the app. Users can preview their app in real-time to ensure it meets their expectations before publishing.

App Store and Play Store Publishing:

Once the app is ready, AppMySite provides seamless integration with the App Store and Play Store. Users can publish their app on both platforms, reaching a wider audience and maximizing their app’s visibility. AppMySite ensures that the app meets all the necessary guidelines and requirements for successful submission.

Benefits of AppMySite:

Enhanced User Experience:

By creating a mobile app using AppMySite, businesses can offer their customers a seamless and personalized user experience. The app can be tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of the target audience, resulting in increased engagement and customer satisfaction.

Increased Brand Visibility:

Having a mobile app enhances a brand’s visibility in the digital landscape. It provides a dedicated space for customers to interact with the brand and access its products or services. With AppMySite, businesses can establish a strong online presence and stand out from their competitors.

Improved Customer Engagement:

Mobile apps enable businesses to engage with their customers on a deeper level. Through push notifications, in-app messages, and personalized content, companies can deliver relevant information and updates to their users. This direct communication channel helps build loyalty and keeps customers engaged with the brand.

Cost and Time Efficiency:

AppMySite’s lifetime deal offers businesses a cost-effective solution for building a mobile app. By eliminating the need to hire developers or invest in expensive app development tools, companies can save a significant amount of money. The user-friendly interface also speeds up the app creation process, reducing the time-to-market.

AppMySite Appsumo Pricing Plan:

License Tier 1

One-Time Purchase Of $59

  • 3 apps
  • 3 team members

License Tier 2

One-Time Purchase Of $139

  • 10 apps
  • 6 team members
  • White-label apps

License Tier 3

One-Time Purchase Of $259

  • 25 apps
  • Unlimited team members
  • White-label apps
  • Multilingual apps

Guaranteed Refund within 60 Days

Get an Extra 10% Discount on AppSumo:


The following steps are what you need to take advantage of Appsumo’s 10% first-time buyer discount:

  • To visit the “AppMySite Lifetime Deal Page” on Appsumo
  • A pop-up bar at a discount.
  • Please use a working email address.
  • Maintain the same email address for the following step.
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AppMySite Main Pricing Plan:


  • Demo App Only
  • Any Website to App
  • Personalization
  • Test on Real Device

Starter US$99 Per Month

  • Unlimited Android Apps
  • Any Website to App
  • Personalization
  • Test on Real Device
  • Push Notifications
  • Monetization
  • Team Members

Pro US$199 Per Month

  • Unlimited Android & iOS Apps
  • Any Website to App
  • Personalization
  • Test on Real Device
  • Push Notifications
  • Monetization
  • Team Members
  • User Consent

Premium US$299 Per Month

  • Unlimited Android & iOS Apps
  • Any Website to App
  • Personalization
  • Test on Real Device
  • User Consent
  • Multisite & Merge Apps
  • Auto Publish
  • Priority Support

Pros And Cons Of AppMySite:


  • One of the major advantages of using AppMySite is its user-friendly app development process. It streamlines the entire journey, from app creation to publication, by providing a step-by-step guide. 
  • Users can easily navigate through the platform and create their customized app without the need for any coding skills or technical expertise.
  • Developing a mobile app from scratch can be a costly endeavor, especially for startups and small businesses with limited budgets. 
  • AppMySite offers an affordable alternative, eliminating the need for hiring expensive developers or investing in complex app development frameworks. With its reasonable pricing plans, businesses can create professional mobile apps at a fraction of the cost.
  • AppMySite is designed to cater to users with no coding experience. It simplifies the app development process by providing pre-built templates and drag-and-drop functionality. 
  • Users can customize their app’s layout, color scheme, fonts, and content using an intuitive interface, allowing even non-technical individuals to create visually appealing and functional mobile apps.


  • Users may encounter constraints when attempting to achieve highly intricate design elements or unique functionalities.
  • AppMySite relies on integrations with third-party plugins and services to offer certain features and functionalities. This dependency may cause compatibility issues or result in additional costs if businesses need to purchase premium add-ons or services.

Alternative To AppMySite:


BuildFire is a powerful app development platform that caters to businesses of all sizes. It offers a user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, and pre-built templates. BuildFire provides robust features such as push notifications, in-app purchases, and social media integrations. It also supports native app development and provides comprehensive analytics to track app performance.


GoodBarber is a versatile app development platform that focuses on creating aesthetically pleasing and engaging apps. It offers a wide range of design options, including customizable templates, fonts, and colors. GoodBarber supports advanced features like geofencing, loyalty programs, and third-party integrations. It also provides a dedicated backend for content management and offers excellent customer support.

Appy Pie:

Appy Pie is a popular no-code app development platform that caters to individuals and businesses alike. It offers a simple drag-and-drop interface and a vast library of pre-built features and templates. Appy Pie supports app development for various industries, including e-commerce, restaurants, fitness, and more. It provides seamless integration with third-party services and offers robust marketing tools.


Thunkable is a visual app development platform that focuses on simplifying the app-building process. It offers a drag-and-drop interface and supports cross-platform development. Thunkable allows users to create apps for Android and iOS simultaneously, reducing development time and effort. It provides an extensive collection of UI components, data storage options, and third-party integrations.


Adalo is an app development platform that empowers businesses to create data-driven and interactive apps. It offers a visual interface and supports real-time data synchronization. Adalo provides a range of UI components, navigation options, and custom actions to create personalized user experiences. It also offers extensive integration with popular tools and services.


Building a mobile app is now more accessible and affordable than ever with AppMySite’s lifetime deal. It offers a user-friendly platform with powerful customization options, allowing businesses to create their own mobile app without the need for coding expertise. 

With enhanced user experiences, increased brand visibility, improved customer engagement, and cost and time efficiency, AppMySite empowers businesses to unlock the potential of mobile applications and take their online presence to the next level.

So why think anymore?

Get your “AppMySite Lifetime Deal” today.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Here, I’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions in the AppMySite Review

Can I use AppMySite to create apps for both iOS and Android?

Yes, AppMySite supports the creation of apps for both iOS and Android platforms. You can build separate apps for each platform or create a hybrid app that works on both.

What kind of customization options does AppMySite offer?

AppMySite offers a wide range of customization options, including themes, color schemes, fonts, layouts, logos, icons, and images. You can personalize your app to match your brand’s aesthetic.

Is there any coding required to build an app using AppMySite?

No, AppMySite does not require any coding knowledge. It provides a user-friendly interface and a drag-and-drop builder, making it easy for anyone to create an app without writing a single line of code.

Can I publish my app on both the App Store and Play Store?

Yes, AppMySite allows you to publish your app on both the App Store and Play Store. It ensures that your app meets all the necessary guidelines and requirements for successful submission.

Does the lifetime deal include future updates and support?

Yes, the AppMySite lifetime deal includes future updates and support. You will receive all the latest features and enhancements without any additional cost.

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