Mailmeteor Lifetime Deal $99 | Best Mail Merge Tool For Gmail

Apr 5, 2023 | Lead Generation | 0 comments

Mailmeteor Lifetime Deal $99 | Best Mail Merge Tool For Gmail

Apr 5, 2023 | Lead Generation | 0 comments

Mailmeteor Review

Are you searching for a solution that makes it simple to send a large number of personalized emails using Gmail, one that you can start using right away even if you don’t have any prior knowledge, and one that is simple to operate? If this is the case, you should start utilizing the Mailmeteor as soon as possible.

The Google Workspace Marketplace has no higher-rated add-on than Mailmeteor. Mailmetor for Gmail makes it easy to send customized emails in bulk while protecting your privacy.

With Gmail, you can mass-send dozens or even hundreds of individual emails.

There’s no need to be concerned about anything; this article will provide you with all the information you need, including its features, price, and user Mailmeteor review.

Let’s get on Mailmeteor Lifetime Deal...

What Is Mailmeteor?


Mailmeteor is an add-on for Google Workspace (previously G Suite) that enables users to send customized bulk emails from Google Sheets or Google Drive. It streamlines the process of sending mass emails by allowing users to create and send emails to huge groups of recipients with only a few clicks.

Users of Mailmeteor can make email templates that can be changed by adding names, addresses, and other information about the recipients.

Users may see how many people have opened their emails, how many people have responded, how many people have unsubscribed, and when they were sent.

Mailmeteor is a popular tool for sales teams, marketers, recruiters, and other professionals whose daily work involves sending mass emails. It is user-friendly, inexpensive, and can help users save time and boost productivity.

Who Should Use Mailmeteor?

Mailmeteor appsumo

The Mailmeteor Lifetime Deal is best for:

  • Event organizers
  • Marketers
  • Sales managers
  • Small businesses

Why Should You Use Mailmeteor?

Helps You Avoid Wasting Time:

It can take a lot of time to send individual emails to a large number of people. Users of Mailmeteor have an easy time producing and sending out customized batches of emails.

Increases Performance:

By allowing customers to schedule and send out emails in bulk, Mailmeteor helps them get more done in less time. The time saved in this way can be put to better use elsewhere.

Provides Customization

Using Mailmeteor, senders can include details about their recipients—such as their names and addresses—in their messages. The efficiency of the emails and the likelihood of a response can both benefit from this.


When compared to competing email marketing platforms, Mailmeteor’s price tag is far more manageable.

Email open and response rates, unsubscribes, and scheduled email sending can all be monitored and reported on with Mailmeteor. Users can learn from the information collected and use it to make their email campaigns better in the future.

Whether you’re a marketer, marketer’s assistant, recruiter, or some other type of professional, Mailmeteor can be an invaluable tool for you.

Some Cool Features Of Mailmeteor:

Mailmeteor review

Mailmeteor gives you access to a vast array of options that simplify the process of sending personalized emails in an automated fashion.

Check out the following descriptions of some of Mailmeteor’s features:

Mailmeteor Merge

Using Mailmeteor, you may send as many as 2,000 emails in a single day with the simple push of a button. You can use the Mailmeteor installation to rapidly email quotes. able to build new spreadsheets without much difficulty.

You get instructions on how to use Mailmeteor. More specifically, you get detailed tutorials that make it easier to use Mailmeteor.

Tracking of Emails

Mailmeteor allows you to monitor your campaign in real time. Mailmeteor will add a merge status column to your spreadsheet after sending out emails.

It provides useful feedback on the delivery of each email:

  • Your email has been successfully sent by Mailmeteor.
  • OPENED means that one of your recipients has accessed your email.
  • A user has interacted with one of the links in your email (clicked).

Email Reminders Schedule

You will have the ability to schedule your emails using Mailmeteor, allowing you to do them in the time zone that is most convenient for you.

Not only that, but you can also easily cancel the scheduling of your email campaign with the click of a button.

Integrating Google Sheets

Mailmeteor works with Google Sheets, so you can import your list of recipients from a spreadsheet right into the app. Because of this, it is simple to handle big recipient lists and ensure that they are always up-to-date.


You are able to personalize your emails through the use of placeholders for information like the recipient’s name, company, or any other information that you have included in your recipient list. This is made possible through Mailmeteor.

Multi-Language Support

Mailmeteor is a versatile tool that people and businesses who connect with a wide variety of clients and consumers can use because it is compatible with a number of languages.

Overall, Mailmeteor is a powerful mail merging tool that provides a variety of capabilities to allow you to tailor and send emails to a large number of recipients directly from your Gmail account. 

Its connection with Google Sheets, email monitoring, and calendar functions make it a formidable tool for enterprises of all sizes.

Mailmeteor Lifetime Deal ($99) Plan Includes:

  • Lifetime access to Mailmeteor.
  • Send emails automatically (Email Throttling)
  • Plan email campaigns
  • Attach files as well as customized connections.
  • Add unsubscribe links
  • Access to the Mailmeteor administrative interface
  • The purchase is risk-free because you have 60 days to request a refund.

Mailmeteor Appsumo Pricing Plan:

Mail Merge For Gmail

Purchase for only One-time $99

  • Gmail allows for up to 2,000 daily email sends.
  • Up to 500 emails a day can be sent with a free account.
  • Up to 2,000 emails per day can be sent from a Google Workspace account.
  • Add CC and BCC recipients
  • Integrate with your CRM
  • Import your own HTML template

How To Get Extra 10% Off on AppSumo?


If you follow these steps, you can save an additional 10% on top of $99.00 Mailmeteor Appsumo Lifetime Deal.

  • To access the “Mailmeteor AppSumo Deal” page, click here.
  • Wait for the Discount Popup to display.
  • Enter your Email Address.
  • Simply click “UNLOCK MY 10%”
  • Check your email for an additional 10% off.
  • Only valid for the initial purchase.

Mailmeteor Regular Pricing Plan:


  • Premium $9.99 ( Send email campaigns with Google Mail. ) 
  • Pro $24.99 ( Full email automation suite. ) 
  • Business $49.99 ( Highly customized scaled outreach. )

Yearly ( 2 Month OFF)

  • Premium $49.99 ( Send email campaigns with Google Mail. ) 
  • Pro $249.99 ( Full email automation suite. ) 
  • Business $499.99 ( Highly customized scaled outreach. )

Alternative To Mailmeteor


SendFox is an email marketing platform that allows users to create and send an unlimited number of personalized emails, making it ideal for content creators. 

SendFox combines automation and personalization to help you quickly produce emails that are easy, beautiful, and effective.


Selzy is an easy-to-use email marketing platform. It gives you expert-level tools to make the most of your marketing, such as A/B tests to find out what works best, contact segmentation to send only relevant information, and automated sequences to get your customers started.

Reoon Email Verifier

Reoon Email Verifier is an online tool that helps verify the validity and deliverability of email addresses. It is designed to help businesses and individuals maintain a clean email list and reduce the number of bounce-backs and spam complaints.

Mailmeteor Pros & Cons


  • Mailmeteor is simple to configure and use.
  • It features an intuitive UI and requires no technical knowledge.
  • Mailmeteor lets you add the recipient’s name, email address, and other information from Google Sheets directly into your emails.
  • You can personalize your emails by using graphics, links, and additional formatting choices.
  • Mailmeteor offers email tracking in real-time, including open rates, click-through rates, and bounce rates.


  • Mailmeteor requires Google Sheets, which may limit its usefulness for non-Google Sheets users.
  • Google’s daily email sending limits apply to Mailmeteor.

Conclusion Of Mailmeteor

Mailmeteor is a powerful email marketing and communication tool that works well with Gmail and makes it easy to send emails individually or in large groups. 

It helps customers save time and effort by providing tools like email scheduling, follow-up reminders, and tracking.

In conclusion, Mailmeteor is a fantastic resource for people and enterprises that need to send customized numbers emails. 

Everyone, regardless of their level of technical knowledge, may use it with ease thanks to its straightforward design and intuitive interface. By streamlining the process of managing email campaigns and communications, Mailmeteor helps users save time and effort.

So don’t be late get your “Mailmeteor Lifetime Deal” right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Here, I’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions in the Mailmeteor Review.

  • What is Mailmeteor?

    Mailmeteor is a mail merge add-on for Gmail that allows users to send personalized emails to a large number of recipients simultaneously. It is a simple and efficient tool for anyone who wants to save time and effort when sending individual emails.

  • How does Mailmeteor work?

    Mailmeteor uses Google Sheets for email addresses and message content. Gmail creates a template email, which Mailmeteor links to the spreadsheet. The add-on then sends emails using spreadsheet data.

  • Is Mailmeteor free to use?

    Mailmeteor offers both free and paid plans. The free plan allows users to send up to 100 emails per day, while the paid plans have no limit on the number of emails that can be sent.

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