Sessions Lifetime Deal $49 | Easy Meeting Management Platform

Aug 16, 2023 | Business Tools, Media Tools | 0 comments

Sessions Lifetime Deal $49 | Easy Meeting Management Platform

Aug 16, 2023 | Business Tools, Media Tools | 0 comments

Sessions Review

Finding the ideal platform for holding online meetings and webinars has never been more important than in the fast-paced world of today, when virtual communication has become the norm.

With the global shift towards remote work, businesses and individuals alike are in constant search of efficient and reliable online meeting platforms. 

Are you also finding a reliable online meeting platform?

Introducing “Sessions Lifetime Deal”

Sessions is an innovative online meeting and webinar platform designed to provide an unparalleled virtual communication experience. 

Hello and welcome to my “Sessions Review”. In this article, we are going to know about Sessions AppSumo, what it is, features, a discount, pros and cons. 

What Is Sessions?


Sessions is the best way to manage and organize webinars and online meetings. It makes things easy for both the host and the people taking part, making contact quick and easy. With sessions’ easy-to-use layout and powerful features, it’s easy to set up, run, and record meetings.

It gives you a lot of tools to help you work together, like sharing your computer and interactive whiteboards. Also, end-to-end encryption makes sure that your private data is safe and secure with sessions. Sessions is the place to go for all your virtual communication needs, whether you’re a business professional giving a big presentation or a teacher talking to your kids online.

Who Should Purchase Sessions?


The “Sessions Lifetime Deal” is ideal for:

  • Customer support.
  • Marketers.
  • Sales managers.
  • Freelancer.
  • Small businesses.

Key Features Of Sessions:

Reliable Video Meetings For Groups And Companies:

Crystal Clear Audio And Video

  • Ultra HD video recording and quality.
  • Advanced background noise suppression for outstanding audio
  • “Hand-raising” and other additional interactive emotes.

Let Your Brand Take Center Stage

  • Add your logo on your invites and live sessions.
  • Set up your cover picture before your meeting
  • Make your presentation unique to your audience.

Connect From Any Device

  • Create and join live meetings straight from your default browser
  • Maintain your invitation calendar and RSVP list.
  • Get access to any items stored in your cloud.

Serious About Security

  • Based on Amazon’s AWS Global Cloud technology, which is reliable.
  • Secured storage protects your files and information.
  • All storage systems are GDPR compliant.
  • locking meetings for privacy and safety.

Interactive Agendas:

Follow An Interactive Agenda

  • Keep everyone on track and take control of the narrative.
  • Add the apps and files you need.
  • Choose whether you want to hide your plan or show it to your participants.

Save Time With Templates

  • Create an agenda once and save it as a template.
  • Set up your next meeting with the agenda.
  • Cut the time you spend preparing for meetings by 60%

Work As A Group

  • Collaborate with the other people in your group.
  • Share your presentation and meeting templates.
  • Plan activities and assign roles to all participants.


Create Your Most Productive Meetings Yet

  • Control and manage team members’ accessibility.
  • Organize the team’s roles, speakers, permissions, and co-hosts.
  • Give your team members the appropriate presentation materials.

Sharing Is Caring

  • Collaborate on agenda prep and your specific goals for each meeting.
  • Develop branded landing pages, registration forms, and email reminders for your events.
  • Work together to make demos of your products.

Bookings And Scheduling:

No More Scheduling

  • Syncing your calendars will give you a full view of your schedule.
  • Create booking links with personalized formats and time limits.
  • Prepare each meeting’s agenda and presentation materials in advance.

Organize Events That Attract People:

  • Allow people to register for your next event.
  • Make the registration form unique and ask for appropriate information.
  • During the sign-up process, get real-time information and look at it in your CRM system. Soon to come!

Invite People In A Matter Of Seconds

  • Sync and organize your contacts.
  • Automatically invite your participants by email and calendar.
  • Start your next meeting via Slack, your calendar, your browser, or the Book Me feature.

Tools And Integrations:

Showcase Your Product

  • Set up a customized product tool in Sessions and start live collaboration.
  • Deliver effective live demonstrations and webinars.
  • Give customers an engaging onboarding experience.

Bye-Bye Screen Share

  • Include interactive breakout rooms, documents, films, whiteboards, websites, quizzes, and polls in your live sessions.
  • Everyone has access to real-time collaboration.
  • Use reactions, GIFs, conversation, questions, and answers to communicate.

Integrate Your Toolstack

  • Use Google Drive to access your papers and start collaborating right away.
  • You can load projects from Miro, Mentimeter, Slido, Figma, and Canva.
  • Sync your personal notes with Evernote and Notion.

AI Copilot

Agenda Builder With AI

  • Let AI make a rough draft of an agenda in seconds, and then change it to fit your needs.
  • Beat the blank page, get new ideas, and free up time for other things.
  • Not interested in the first idea? Restart the AI copilot.

Automated Transcripts

  • You’ll never miss anything with exact transcription of spoken language.
  • The transcripts are carefully organized and include timestamps and speaker names.

Smart Summaries

  • Automatically record accurate notes and summaries.
  • Ensure that everyone has the same understanding of the essential points and actions.
  • Improve follow-up and retention with notes that are clear, concise, and simple to share with participants and stakeholders.

Event Management:

Share The Load

  • Customize your event’s landing pages, registration forms, and email invitations with your brand’s identity.
  • Create meeting agendas and materials as a team.
  • Assign event team roles, lecturers, and co-hosts.

Put Your Participants First

  • Divide participants into breakout rooms so that they can work in smaller groups.
  • Keep them entertained with interactive exercises and dialogues.
  • Q&As, responses, polls, and feedback will be active.

Capture Analytics

  • View our impressive analytics.
  • Sync your session’s data with your CRM system. Coming soon!
  • Keep track of all registrants and their participation status.
  • View the results of the interactive workouts.

Memory And Analytics:

Secure Cloud Storage

  • All of your data will be securely stored in the cloud by Sessions.
  • Easily view, download, and share recordings and files.
  • Access materials from presentations and agendas from past meetings.

Follow-Up Made Easy

  • Utilize keywords to locate previous sessions, interactions, and files.
  • You can start a new exercise from an old one and continue up where you left off.
  • Send automated follow-up emails with links, learning materials, and tasks.

Leverage Your Data

  • Download participant lists, chat transcripts, queries, and poll results
  • Send information directly to your CRM and business intelligence applications. coming soon!

Benefits Of Sessions:

  • Effortless Meetings: Enjoy smooth, user-friendly sessions.
  • Advanced Tools: Get interactive whiteboards, translations, more.
  • Boost Collaboration: Work together effectively, from anywhere.
  • Future-Ready: Regular updates ensure you’re always at the forefront.
  • Security Assured: Your privacy is protected with encryption.
  • Versatile Usage: Tailored for businesses and individuals alike.

How To Get Started With Sessions:

Sign Up For Sessions:

Visit the Sessions website and sign up for an account. Provide your email and create a secure password. This initial step is essential to access the platform’s features.

Customize Your Profile:

Once you’re logged in, take a moment to customize your profile. Add a professional photo and relevant information to make your presence more recognizable during virtual meetings.

Schedule Or Join A Session:

You have the option to either schedule a new session or join an existing one. If you’re the host, set the date, time, and topic of your meeting. If you’re joining, simply enter the session code provided by the host.

Explore The Interface

Familiarize yourself with the Sessions interface. Navigate through the various options, such as video settings, audio controls, and screen sharing. This exploration will help you feel more comfortable during your meetings.

Utilize Tools And Features

During your session, make use of the tools and features Sessions offers. These may include interactive whiteboards, real-time language translation, and virtual backgrounds. Experiment with them to enhance your meetings.

Engage In Discussions

Engage actively in the discussions. Share your ideas, ask questions, and join the discussion. Sessions is designed to facilitate effective communication, so make the most of it.

End The Session:

Once your meeting is concluded, make sure to properly end the session. Thank the people who gave their time and ideas. This courteous gesture sets a positive tone for future interactions.

Explore Further Features:

As you become more comfortable with the basics, explore the more advanced features Sessions offers. These may include hosting webinars, using analytics tools, and collaborating on projects in real time.

Stay Updated:

Sessions regularly introduces updates and improvements. Stay updated with these changes to maximize your virtual communication experience. Check the platform’s announcements or emails for information on new features.

Sessions Lifetime Deal Offers:

  • Unlimited sessions.
  • 25 speakers on screen.
  • Embed files and resources.
  • Landing pages.
  • Interactive agenda.
  • Co-browsing.
  • Calendar.
  • Custom branding.
  • Cloud recording.
  • Bookings.

Sessions Appsumo Pricing Plan:

License Tier 1

One-time purchase of $49

  • All features above included.
  • 15 team member accounts.
  • 45 participants per session.
  • 3 hours per session.
  • 90 days memory.
  • Standard analytics.

License Tier 2

One-time purchase of $99

  • All features above included.
  • 30 team member accounts.
  • 90 participants per session.
  • 6 hours per session.
  • Unlimited memory.
  • Standard analytics.
  • 3 events per month.
  • AI copilot.

License Tier 3

One-time purchase of $199

  • All features above included.
  • 50 team member accounts.
  • 150 participants per session.
  • 12 hours per session.
  • Unlimited memory.
  • Standard analytics.
  • 6 events per month.
  • AI copilot.
  • Webhooks.

Guaranteed Refund within 60 Days

How To Get An Additional 10% Discount From Appsumo:


The appsumo is providing an additional 10% discount. To get the best deal with the Appsumo discount Please follow these simple steps:

  • Open the “Sessions AppSumo page from your browser.
  • After a short wait, a pop-up with a discount will show.
  • Please enter a valid email address here.
  • Choose unlock my 10%.
  • Check your email another time. 

Note: that there are 10% savings with this offer. This offer is only available to people making their first purchase

Sessions Main Pricing:

Sessions comes with 4 types of pricing plans. They are Free, Pro, Business, Enterprise. Each pricing has a monthly and an annual pricing And you can customize the pro plan. You can add more attendees per session from 30 to 10000 which fits your needs. The pricing changes with your needs. Here is an overall pricing plan for Sessions.  


  • Always free.


  • $124/month to $499/month for 30 to 10000 attendees.
  • $1,188/year to $4,788/year for 30 to 10000 attendees.


  • $874/month and $8,388/year.


  • Contact Sales.

Pros And Cons Of Sessions:


  • Advanced Tools: Interactive whiteboards, translations, virtual backgrounds.
  • User-Friendly: Intuitive interface for easy scheduling and management.
  • Collaboration Boost: Real-time teamwork and idea sharing.
  • Regular Updates: Evolves with the latest features and improvements.
  • Security Priority: End-to-end encryption and privacy measures.
  • Versatile: Suited for individuals and businesses.
  • Webinar Hosting: Engage larger audiences seamlessly.


  • Internet Reliance: Performance tied to internet quality.
  • Feature Complexity: Abundance of features might overwhelm.

Alternative To Sessions:


Noysi is a collaboration tool that unifies all the components required for internal and external interactions on a single platform, greatly increasing productivity. It offers limitless storage where you can upload full folders without compression, encrypted and secure conversations, a task planner, and connectivity with Gmail and Outlook.

With video calls, you can have an unlimited number of users and minutes, as well as the ability to chat, raise your hand, manage participants, record calls at no additional cost, and broadcast to YouTube, among other features. Control all active sessions and all operations to increase security. Both desktop and mobile devices support access to it.


Vivomeetings is a cloud-based messaging tool that can be used to share video, voice, chat, and content. The platform lets users join in a single meeting from different devices and places using cloud-native face-to-face video.

The platform was made to make video conferencing easy and available for people, businesses, and schools. It can be used on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, among other devices. The platform is good for both small and big groups, since each live stream can have up to 300 video participants and 10,000 viewers.

Final Speech

In the end, Sessions is set to redefine the way we conduct online meetings and webinars. With its array of powerful features, user-friendly interface, and attractive lifetime pricing model, it offers a compelling solution for businesses, educators, and entrepreneurs alike. The platform’s commitment to delivering crystal-clear audio and video quality, interactive engagement tools, and customizable branding options ensures a seamless and professional virtual communication experience.

Whether you’re a business professional looking to connect with clients, an educator aiming to engage students in virtual classrooms, or an entrepreneur planning to host online events, Sessions has you covered. Its versatility and ease of use make it a valuable asset in the digital landscape.

So why wait? Embrace the future of online communication with the “Sessions Lifetime Deal”. 

Make the smart choice today and take your virtual meetings and webinars to new heights.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Here, I’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions in the Sessions Review

Can I Host Large Webinars Using Sessions?

Absolutely! Sessions is designed to accommodate webinars of various sizes, from small groups to large audiences.

What If I Encounter Technical Issues During A Session?

Rest assured, Sessions provides dependable customer support to assist you promptly with any technical challenges you may encounter.

Can I Record My Webinars For Later Viewing?

Certainly! Sessions enables you to record your webinars, granting participants the convenience of accessing the content at a later time.

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