Stackby Lifetime Deal $89 | Organize & Automate Your All Work

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Stackby Lifetime Deal $89 | Organize & Automate Your All Work

May 11, 2024 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Stackby Review

Imagine Having The Freedom To Create A Work Management Platform Tailored To Your Unique Needs And Workflow. 

A Platform That Allows You To Effortlessly Organize And Sync Your Data, Teams, And Workflows, Without Requiring A Single Line Of Code Or Extensive Training. 

Welcome To Stackby Lifetime Deal, The Revolutionary Platform That’s Redefining The Way We Work. 

With Its Flexible Spreadsheet-Style Databases, Seamless Api Connectors, And Intuitive No-Code automation, Stackby Is The Ultimate Solution For Teams Looking To Streamline Their Operations And Boost Productivity. 

Whether You’re Starting From Scratch Or Importing Data From Existing Sources, Stackby’s Customizable Templates And Advanced Column Types Give You The Power To Create A Work Management Platform That’s Truly Yours – And With Its User-Friendly Interface, You Can Get Started In No Time.

So Dear Readers Let Us Know In This Stackby Review Post, What Is Stackby, Is Best For, Key Features, How It Works, Why I Use It, What Stackby AppSumo offers, Its Lifetime Contracts, And Other Information.

What Is Stackby?


Stackby Is Like Your Personal Toolbox For Work Management. It Lets You Create Custom Spreadsheets, Connect To Other Apps, And Automate Tasks Without Needing To Know How To Code.

Think Of It As Burger King’s Approach – You Get To Have Things Your Way. Whether You’re Starting From Scratch Or Importing Data From Somewhere Else, Stackby Makes It Easy.

And If You’re Not Sure Where To Begin, No Worries! Stackby Offers Over 300 Ready-Made Templates For Different Tasks. Just Pick One And Start Organizing Your Stuff Right Away.

With Stackby, Setting Up Columns For Things Like Text, Numbers, Dates, And More Is Simple. It’s Like Building With Blocks – Easy And Straightforward.

Who Should Use Stackby Be Best For?


The Stackby Is Great For:

  • Freelancer 
  • Web Developer
  • Marketers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Project managers

Key Features Of Stackby:


Ready-To-Use Templates: 

  • Start Strong With Over 300 Templates Covering A Range Of Tasks. Whether You’re Organizing Projects Or Tracking Inventory, Stackby Has Templates To Get You Started In No Time.

Flexible Column Options: 

  • Customize Your Data Organization With Advanced Column Types. From Automatic Calculations To Attachments And Cross-Referencing, Stackby’s Got Options To Suit Your Needs.

Connect To Other Apps: 

  • Integrate Seamlessly With Popular Apps Like YouTube and Google Analytics To Bring In Data Without Any Hassle. With Over 100 API Functions, Stackby Makes Data Retrieval A Breeze.

Keep Data Up-To-Date: 

  • Ensure Your Data Is Always Current With Real-Time Syncing. Whether You’re Refreshing Manually Or Scheduling Updates, Stackby Keeps You In The Loop.

Automate Tasks With Apis: 

  • Link Columns Directly To Third-Party Apis For Automatic Updates And Actions. Whether It’s Sending Messages Or Analyzing Data, Stackby’s Got You Covered.

Create Custom Forms: 

  • Gather Responses Effortlessly With Custom Forms. Share Them Online Or Embed Them On Your Website To Streamline Data Collection.

Visualize Your Data: 

  • Switch Between Kanban Boards And Calendar Views To Visualize Your Data In The Way That Works Best For You.

Collaborate With Ease: 

  • Stay Connected With Built-In Checklists, Reminders, And Slack Notifications. Keep Your Team On Track And Informed Every Step Of The Way.

Access Anywhere, Anytime: 

  • Enjoy The Convenience Of Accessing Stackby From Any Device, Whether It’s Your Computer Or Mobile Phone.

Streamline Your Workflow: 

  • Say Goodbye To Manual Tasks And Embrace Automation With Stackby. From Project Management To Data Analysis, Stackby Helps You Work Smarter, Not Harder.

How Does Stackby Work?

Flexible Spreadsheet-Style Databases: 

  • Stackby Combines The Familiarity Of Spreadsheets With The Power Of Databases, Allowing You To Create, Collaborate, And Automate Anything You Need. Import Data From Excel Or Google Sheets, Or Start From Scratch With Custom Templates.

Custom No-Code Solutions: 

  • With Over 25 Unique Column Data Types, 6 Data Views, And A Range Of power and Integrations, You Can Easily Build Custom Solutions Tailored To Your Team’s Specific Needs. No Coding Required.

Expand & Transform Your Work: 

  • Discover A Plethora Of Power-Ups, Create Custom Reporting Dashboards, And Extend Your workflow with Powerful Building Blocks. Stackby Provides Everything Your Team Needs To Reach New Milestones And Achieve Success.

Get Started Quickly: 

  • Kickstart Your Projects From Day Zero With Stackby’s Pre-Built, No-Code Templates. Whether You’re Tackling Workflow Needs By Function, Use-Case, Or Industry, Stackby Helps You Unify Your Work And Consolidate Your Data Effortlessly.

Automate Tedious Tasks: 

  • Say Goodbye To Manual Spreadsheet Updates. Connect Columns To Various Services, Automate Data Retrieval, And Refresh Your Information In Real-Time. With Stackby, You’ll Gain Spreadsheet Superpowers While Saving Time And Resources.

Visualize & Organize Your Data: 

  • Stackby Offers Multiple Data Views, Including Tables, Grouping, Kanban Boards, Calendars, Galleries, And Forms. Whether You Prefer A Traditional Spreadsheet Layout Or A More Visual Approach, Stackby Has You Covered.

Stackby AppSumo Bundle ($89) Includes:

  • Additional Users Can Be Added For $9 Per Month, Paid Annually Per Workspace.
  • Unlock Stackby Powerups In Your Workspace With A One-Time Payment Of $249.
  • Enable Access To Stackby Apps Marketplace For A One-Time Payment Of $329.
  • (Note: Optional Add-Ons Are Only Available During The Deal Period.)
  • Unlimited Read-Only Users.
  • 6 Versatile Layouts: Grid, Kanban, Calendar, Forms, Internal Forms, And Gallery.
  • Diverse Column Types: Dropdowns, Attachments, Progress, Formulas, And More.
  • Relational Column Types: Link, Lookup, And Aggregation (Including Conditional Filters).
  • Advanced Features: Apis And Action Buttons For Enhanced Functionality.
  • Seamless Integration With 50+ Column-Level API connectors, Including Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, YouTube, Mailchimp, And More.
  • Connectivity To Over 2000+ Apps Through Zapier, Integromat, N8n, And Ifttt Integrations.
  • Access To 300+ Pre-Built Templates For Quick Setup And Customization.
  • Real-Time Collaboration With Commenting, Checklists, And Reminders On Each Row.
  • Availability On Both Mobile And Desktop Platforms For Convenience.
  • Developer API For Further Customization And Integration.
  • Manual Refresh Option For Data Updates As Needed.

Stackby Lifetime Access Pricing Plans:

License Tier 1

One-time purchase Of $89

  • 1 user(s)
  • 20 stacks
  • 5,000 rows per stack
  • 4 GB attachment per stack
  • 5 MB file upload limit

License Tier 2

One-time purchase Of $178

  • 2 user(s)
  • 20 stacks
  • 7,000 rows per stack
  • 4 GB attachment per stack
  • 5 MB file upload limit
  • Custom branding

License Tier 3

One-time purchase Of $267

  • 3 user(s)
  • 25 stacks
  • 10,000 rows per stack
  • 10 GB attachment per stack
  • 10 MB file upload limit
  • Custom branding

60 day money-back guarantee.

Claim Your 10% Discount On Stackby Lifetime Deal:

  • Go To The AppSumo Stackby Website.
  • Wait For The Advertisement To Pop Up.
  • Give Your Email.
  • Check Your Email For A 10% Discount.
  • Only The First Time You Order.

Note: that there are 10% savings with this offer. This offer is only available to people making their first purchase

Stackby Regular Pricing:

Personal: $5 Per Seat Per Month

  • Includes 1 Member
  • 15 Stacks With 3500 Rows Per Stack
  • 4 GB attachment Per Stack
  • 5MB File Upload Limit
  • 1 App Per Stack
  • 3 Months Activity History
  • 5-Column Linked Api Connectors

Economy: $9 Per Seat Per Month

  • Unlimited Members
  • 25 Stacks With 7000 Rows Per Stack
  • 6gb Attachment Per Stack
  • 5MB File Upload Limit
  • 3 Apps Per Stack
  • 6 Months Activity History
  • 10-Column Linked Api Connectors
  • Refresh Cell Update Method: Automatic
  • 500 Automatic Api Runs Per Month

Business: $18 Per Seat Per Month

  • Unlimited Members
  • 50 Stacks With 50,000 Rows Per Stack
  • 20 GB attachment Per Stack
  • 25 MB File Upload Limit
  • 10 Apps Per Stack
  • 12 Months Of Activity History & Database Snapshots
  • 15-Column Linked Api Connectors
  • Refresh Cell Update Method: Automatic
  • 1000 Automatic Api Runs Per Month

Pros And Cons Of Stackby:

Pros Of Stackby:

  • Simple & Powerful: Stackby Offers Simplicity With Robust Capabilities.
  • No Code Needed: Create, Collaborate, And Automate Without Coding.
  • Trusted Globally: Used By 30,000+ Companies Worldwide.
  • Instant Setup: Get Started In Minutes With Flexible Spreadsheets.
  • Beyond Spreadsheets: Transform Spreadsheets Into Relational Databases Effortlessly.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailor-Made Solutions With Diverse Features.
  • Expandable Workflows: Easily Extend Workflows With Power-Ups.
  • Ready Templates: Jumpstart With Pre-Built Templates.
  • Automated Updates: Keep Data Current With Automated Refresh.
  • Visual Data: Organize And Visualize Data Effortlessly.

Cons Of Stackby:

  • Some Users May Find It Challenging To Adapt To Stackby’s Features Initially.
  • The Free Plan Offers Limited Functionality Compared To Other Tools.
  • Stackby Requires An Internet Connection For Real-Time Collaboration And Update

Final Verdict:

In Conclusion, Stackby Is Revolutionizing The Way We Work By Offering A Flexible, Customizable, And Highly Intuitive Work Management Platform That Empowers Teams To Create, Collaborate, And Automate Their workflow with Ease. 

With Its Spreadsheet-Style Databases, Seamless Api Connectors, And No-Code automation, The Possibilities Are Truly Endless. 

Whether You’re Building A Custom Database From Scratch Or Leveraging Pre-Built Templates, Stackby’s Flexibility And Scalability Ensure That Your Team Can Work Efficiently, Effectively, And In Perfect Harmony. 

And With Its Affordable Lifetime Deal Of $89, There’s No Reason To Wait – Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Team And Take Your Workflow To The Next Level With Stackby Lifetime Access.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Here, I’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions in the Stackby Review.

  • Can I Integrate Stackby With Third-Party Apis?

    Yes, Stackby Allows Users To Connect Columns To Popular Third-Party Apis Like Youtube, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Ahrefs, And Mailchimp. Over 100 Pre-Built Api Functions Are Available Across 40 No-Code Connectors.

  • What Types Of Plans Does Stackby Offer?

    Stackby Offers Various Plans, Including Personal, Economy, Business, And Enterprise, Catering To Different User Needs And Team Sizes.

  • Are There Any Add-Ons Available For Stackby?

    Yes, Optional Add-Ons Include Extra User Seats, Stackby Powerups, And Access To The Stackby Apps Marketplace, Providing Additional Features And Capabilities.

  • Can Previous Appsumo Customers Purchase Additional Stackby Codes?

    Yes, Previous Appsumo Customers Can Buy More Codes To Increase Their Feature Limits.

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