Lifetime Deal $29 | Create Persona-Centric Content with AI

Jul 18, 2023 | AI Writers, Content Marketing | 0 comments Lifetime Deal $29 | Create Persona-Centric Content with AI

Jul 18, 2023 | AI Writers, Content Marketing | 0 comments Review

When you don’t know who your audience is, it can feel like you’re giving a TED Talk to preschoolers when you try to write interesting content. 

Creating audience personas for your business would help you create content that always works, but it takes a lot of time and study.

You will be happy to know that there is a solution powered by AI that may assist you in developing content that is driven by personas and truly resonates with your audience.

Meet Lifetime Deal…

In this Review, we will explore what is it, how does it work, benefits it use, features, AppSumo Discounts, pros and cons, alternatives and more…

What Is Lifetime Deal is an AI-powered tool that leverages brand and audience data to create persona-driven content that effectively connects with your target audience segments.

By analyzing data and using advanced AI algorithms, helps you craft content that resonates with the specific characteristics and preferences of your audience personas.

This tool enables you to manage and analyze your target audience’s behaviors, interests, and preferences, allowing you to create content that is personalized and tailored to each persona. 

With, you can generate content ideas, customize AI-generated content to fit your brand voice, and collaborate with your team to create impactful and engaging content.

Who Use Can It AppSumo

The Lifetime Deal is best for:

  • Copywriters
  • Marketing agencies
  • Social media managers
  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Features Of Review

Change The Way You Do Business:

Improve material engagement. A complete answer for marketing that will help you be more productive and easily reach your goals.

Shared Personalities Help Teams Work Better Together:

Give your marketing team the tools to make messages and content that speak directly to your target group and can be made quickly. With AI-generated marketing personas, your whole team can use the insights of audience and brand personas to make smarter, data-driven choices that really matter.

Use Ai-Brainstorming To Think Of New Ideas:

Say “goodbye” to not being able to write. Ai-brainstorming can give new views and useful insights on different topics or problems, which can help team members think creatively and work together more.

Content Creation Can Help You Increase Productivity:

Make a lot of stuff without much trouble! With multiple versions made in a matter of seconds, you can make sure your content is always the same and fits the marketing outlets you choose. Plus, you can change the created content so that it sounds exactly like your brand, so your whole team can stay on brand.

Ai-Improvements Maximize Content: Lifetime Deal makes it easy to take the material you already have and make it even more interesting and useful. You can quickly improve your content based on what you need to do, like making it longer, making it easier to read, or getting people more interested in it.

Supercopy.Ai Readability Score:

With this tool, you can see the readability score of text that was made with AI. This score will help you make better changes to your material.

Create Content Based On Personas:

You may tailor your content to a specific character using AI-powered technologies. This means that you will receive highly tailored material. And we all know that highly tailored content is crucial to capturing the attention of your target demographic.

Benefits Of Using

  • By using audience personas, you can tailor your content to address the specific needs and preferences of different segments within your target audience.
  • This approach allows you to create more relevant, targeted, and persuasive content. Audience personas also help you.
  • Improve audience targeting and segmentation.
  • Increase content engagement and conversion rates.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Guide product development and marketing strategies. Lifetime Deal Offers:

  • Blog content
  • Social media content
  • Website copy
  • Marketing brainstorming
  • Email marketing
  • Campaign tracking
  • Targeted and original copy
  • Unlimited shared personas
  • AI brainstorming and writing tools
  • Includes the goal, tone of speech, target audience, and keywords.
  • GPT3.5 turbo, GPT4, and future models

Get 60 day money-back guarantee AppSumo Pricing Plan:

License Tier 1

One-time purchase of $29

  • 1 user(s)
  • 15,000 total tokens per month

License Tier 2

One-time purchase of $69

  • 3 user(s)
  • 75,000 total tokens per month

License Tier 3

One-time purchase of $199

  • 5 user(s)
  • 300,000 total tokens per month 10% Discounts Of AppSumo:


To get 10% off from AppSumo please follow the step:

  • Can be found “ AppSumo” on the web.
  • After a few delays, a pop-up with a discount will appear.
  • Please enter a working email address here.
  • Choose to unlock my 10%.
  • Check your email again 
  • Only new customers can get this discount.

Note: that there are 10% savings with this offer. This offer is only available to people making their first purchase Regular Pricing:

Basic Plan:  $29 /month (Monthly billing) and $24 /month (Annual billing

Save 20%)

  • Metered Content Generation
  • 15k words per user / month
  • 1-5 Team Members
  • Unlimited Shared Personas
  • Ai Brainstorming Tools
  • Ai Writing Tools
  • Ai- Improvement Tools

Unlimited Plan: $99 /month (Monthly billing) and $80 /month (Annual billing

Save 20%)

  • Unlimited Content Generation
  • 1-5 Team Members
  • Unlimited Shared Personas
  • Ai-Brainstorming Tools
  • Ai- Writing Tools
  • Ai-Improvement Tools

Enterprise Plan

  • Unlimited Content Generation
  • 5+ Team Members
  • Unlimited Shared Personas
  • Ai-Brainstorming Tools
  • Ai- Writing Tools
  • Ai-Improvement Tools

Alternatives To


WordHero is an artificial intelligence-powered content creation tool. that can assist you in create content content that is SEO-friendly, such as blog articles, social media posts, emails, advertisements, sales copy, SEO descriptions, and more…

It’s a magical artificial intelligence writing software that, with just a few clicks, can generate high-quality content for your blog.


HelloScribe is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered creative assistant that helps you quickly generate new ideas for marketing and premium content.

HelloScribe has more than 80 writing and brainstorming tools that make it easy to make brand messages, ad campaigns, and social content quickly.

Just choose the tool, briefly describe your content’s subject and voice, and suggestions that fit your brand will appear right away.


BlogAssistant is an AI writing tool that helps you make all the content you want to make, from writing to images and SEO optimization.

From quick product descriptions to in-depth blogs and stories, BlogAssistant makes it easy to create SEO-optimized material on any topic in minutes.

Because this tool reduces the number of AI content flags, you can write articles in more than 30 languages that catch people’s attention without making them feel like they were written by creepy robots


Wordplay is an artificially intelligent writer built to make long-form content production more efficient. It makes use of complex algorithms for understanding natural language to automatically produce high-quality content.

Users may generate 2,000-word drafts that are 95% complete with only a few clicks, drastically cutting down on the time and effort needed for content development.. is an artificial intelligence platform that enables users to easily and quickly write long-form content.

Text classification, entity recognition, topic modeling, and sentiment analysis are just some of the elements that can be found within’s repertoire of capabilities. 

The platform makes use of machine learning algorithms and deep learning models to automatically extract insights from text data.

This provides users with the ability to recognize trends, patterns, and insights that can be put into action.


Copywriting can cover a wide range of topics, including advertisements, product descriptions, blog posts, and content on social networking platforms, and Writecream is an AI-powered tool designed to help with this.

In addition to this, it intends to boost the response rate for outbound marketing initiatives such as cold emails, LinkedIn InMails, and backlinks.

The numerous issues that can develop throughout the writing process, including as grammar, writing flow, vocabulary, and plagiarism, are what Writecream aims to solve.

Despite this, the production of outstanding and appealing copy shouldn’t be hampered by the issues described above.

Pros and Cons :


  • It has a simple, easy-to-understand layout.
  • Includes a good text editor.
  • Using templates, you can make different kinds of material.
  • You can set the tone of the material.
  • Frameworks like AIDA and PAS are enabled.
  • There are helpful guides in the help area.
  • Sharing information is simple.


  • Like any AI, it may take you a while to understand its tools, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be fine.

In conclusion: is a powerful AI-powered tool that empowers content creators, copywriters, and marketers to create persona-centric content that resonates with their target audience.

By leveraging AI algorithms and data analysis, streamlines the content creation process, enhances content quality, and enables personalization at scale.

Whether you’re a marketing agency, a copywriter, or a social media manager,

Get Lifetime Deal can help you deliver engaging and personalized content that drives better engagement and conversions.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Here, I’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions in the Review.

  • What is AI-created material, and how does it work?

    AI-created material is made with the help of machine learning and natural language processing algorithms. It can create content for different reasons, like blog posts, updates on social media, or marketing materials, by analyzing the data and context it receives to make outputs that are relevant and interesting.

  • How do Ai-Personas work?

    Ai-personas are artificially intelligent representations of target audiences or client segments. It analyzes target group preferences, behaviors, and demographics to create highly relevant and individualized marketing content.

    The Ai-persona analyzes client interactions, browsing history, and social media activity to discover target audience trends and traits. The AI-persona may create marketing material that matches the audience’s demands, preferences, and interests using NLP and machine learning algorithms.

  • AI-generated content’s advantages?

    Ai-content generating has many benefits. Automating content generation saves time and resources. You can also produce material faster and at scale than human authors. Ai-generated content can also be targeted to specific consumers, enhancing content marketing.


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