TaskMagic Lifetime Deal $49 | AI Improves Your Productivity

Aug 9, 2023 | AI Writers, Content Marketing | 0 comments

TaskMagic Lifetime Deal $49 | AI Improves Your Productivity

Aug 9, 2023 | AI Writers, Content Marketing | 0 comments

TaskMagic Review

In a time that values speed, efficiency, and innovation, the burden of manual tasks can often feel like an unnecessary hurdle.

The constant repetition of clicking, typing, copying, and pasting not only consumes your precious time but also drains your energy and creativity.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a way to break free from this cycle and harness the power of automation without the complexities of coding and integrations?

Introducing the TaskMagic Lifetime Deal – your gateway to a new era of productivity.

This deal is not just an offer; it’s a transformational opportunity to revolutionize the way you work and free yourself from the chains of routine tasks.

In this TaskMagic Review, we’ll dive into what is it, who should buy it, features it, how does works it, TaskMagic AppSumo Offers, discounts it, alternatives it, pros cons it, how to use it easily, and others importent details it,…

What Is TaskMagic?

TaskMagic Lifetime Deal

TaskMagic is a groundbreaking AI-powered tool designed to revolutionize your productivity.

This innovative solution empowers you to automate manual and repetitive tasks on the web effortlessly.

With TaskMagic, you can say goodbye to time-consuming clicking, typing, copying, and pasting. Instead, you record your tasks once, and TaskMagic takes over, allowing you to reclaim valuable time and energy.

This tool goes beyond traditional automation by predicting and creating efficient workflows tailored to your business needs.

Whether you’re a sales manager, small business owner, or solopreneur, TaskMagic is here to streamline your workflow and enhance your efficiency.

Built to bridge the gaps that conventional automation tools might leave, TaskMagic offers a user-friendly experience that doesn’t require any coding expertise.

It’s like having an automated virtual assistant that replicates your actions online, boosting your productivity and allowing you to focus on tasks that truly matter.

Who Should Use TaskMagic?

TaskMagic AppSumo

The TaskMagic Lifetime Deal is best for:

  • Sales managers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Solopreneurs
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Remote Workers
  • Anyone with Repetitive Web Tasks
  • Collaboration-Driven Teams
  • Those Looking to Optimize Workflows

Key Features Of TaskMagic:

TaskMagic Review

Workspaces And Google sheets:

  • If you have a team plan, you can create as many workplaces as you like and invite as many people as you like to work in them.
  • The process involves importing data from Google Sheets and exporting data to Google Sheets.

Just Like A Human Would:

  • TaskMagic automates the tasks of clicking, typing, copying, and pasting that would often be assigned to an individual, either yourself or someone you employ.
  • Perform the task once, then thereafter schedule or activate it to execute at a desired time.

Filling in the gap Zapier leaves behind:

  • Typically, the process of integrating applications necessitates the utilization of platforms such as Zapier, Make, or similar services.
  • However, this approach imposes restrictions on the available APIs, hence resulting in incomplete workflows. In the hypothetical scenario when an entity lacks a specific trigger or action, what would be the implications and potential consequences?
  • This is where TaskMagic is utilized. We engage in collaborative efforts both with and without the utilization of Zapier.

It’s like cloning yourself:

  • TaskMagic is specifically designed to address tasks that are above the capabilities of conventional automation technologies.
  • These jobs typically involve actions such as clicking, typing, copying, and pasting. By utilizing TaskMagic, users are essentially able to replicate their own actions and perform them simultaneously.
  • Take control of your actions and enhance your productivity by either utilizing personal agency or delegating tasks to a virtual assistant.

No APIs, No Code, No Prob:

  • There exists a multitude of aspects that APIs fail to encompass. TaskMagic does not require connectivity to any application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • The functionality of our system is comparable to the simplicity of activating a record button. TaskMagic has the capability to automate any task that can be performed by a human.

Easily re-record:

  • Avoid pursuing organizations’ help departments in order to debug and rectify your workflow issues.
  • By means of a single button click, one can effortlessly re-record audio content and generate a fresh rendition in a matter of minutes.


  • I would like to import user-defined data from spreadsheets in order to iterate through it. The task manager (TM) has the capability to bypass the login process and iterate only through the desired steps.

Unlimited Automations:

  • TaskMagic is capable of accommodating operations of various sizes, ranging from a single automation to a thousand automations.

Custom Steps And AI Workflow Recommendations:

  • Incorporate additional processes that were not initially documented by subsequently including them. The implementation of filters, delays, and JavaScript can be incorporated into the system.
  • By utilizing our AI recommendation system, your firm will be provided with automated suggestions aimed at enhancing its performance.

Web Scraping And Zapier:

  • Utilize advanced web scraping techniques to extract data from websites in an unprecedented manner. Whether it consists of a single word or a series of words.
  • We possess a proprietary application within the Zapier platform. TaskMagic is a software solution that can be utilized to address the gaps that are left behind by Zapier. Enhances the capabilities of Zapier, hence increasing its overall effectiveness for both Zapier and its users.

How Does TaskMagic Lifetime Deal Works:


Begin by clicking on the task you want to automate. This could be anything from clicking buttons to typing text on a website.


Once you’ve initiated the task, TaskMagic starts recording your actions. It captures every click, keystroke, and interaction you make on the web.


After you’ve completed the task once, TaskMagic takes over. It replicates your recorded actions precisely, allowing you to automate the task without any manual intervention.


TaskMagic’s AI-driven engine ensures that your automations are not just replicas of your actions, but also optimized for efficiency. It predicts workflows and suggests improvements to enhance your productivity.

Scheduling and Triggering:

You can schedule or trigger the automated task to run whenever you need it. Whether it’s a one-time action or a recurring process, TaskMagic has you covered.

Seamless Adaptation:

If you ever need to modify or update your automation, it’s as easy as re-recording the task. No complex debugging or coding required – just press a button and adapt.

TaskMagic AppSumo Offers:

  • In line with GDPR
  • Only for people who have never used TaskMagic before and don’t have an account.
  • Unlimited suggestions for AI workflows
  • a large number of automated tasks
  • Desktop apps for Mac and PC
  • Record in different tabs in the same browser window
  • Google Sheets link with looping for as long as you want
  • Up to 50,000 results can be scraped at once.

TaskMagic AppSumo Pricing Plan:

License Tier 1

One-time purchase of $49

  • 1 user(s) per workspace
  • Unlimited workspaces

License Tier 2

One-time purchase of $99

  • 5 user(s) per workspace
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Private/shared permissions

License Tier 3

One-time purchase of $249

  • Unlimited user(s) per workspace
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Private/shared permissions
  • Unlimited file downloads
  • Unlimited tags
  • Unlimited custom steps

60 day money-back guarantee.

Get An Additional 10% Off The Appsumo:


To get 10% off from AppSumo Please follow the step:

  • Visit  on the web “TaskMagic  AppSumo”
  • After a while, a deal will show up in a pop-up window.
  • Please enter a working email address here.
  • Choose unlock my 10%.
  • Check your email again 
  • Only new customers can get this discount.

Note: that there are 10% savings with this offer. This offer is only available to people making their first purchase

TaskMagic Main Pricing:

Start here

$1,199 once for life

  • Unlimited runs per workflow
  • Unlimited steps per workflow
  • Record in multiple tabs in browser window
  • LIVE support happy hours YouTube


$2,399 once for life

  • Unlimited ai workflows recommendations
  • Unlimited automated workflows
  • Unlimited delays between runs
  • Unlimited looping through data via sheets
  • Retrieve a maximum of 50,000 outcomes simultaneously and transfer them to spreadsheets.
  • File downloads


$4,799 once for life

  • Unlimited steps per workflow
  • Record in multiple tabs in browser window
  • LIVE support happy hours on YouTube
  • Unlimited looping through data via sheets
  • Retrieve a maximum of 50,000 outcomes simultaneously and transfer them to a spreadsheet.
  • File downloads
  • Unlimited private/shared permissions for teams/multiple users

Alternatives To TaskMagic:

Bit Integrations

Bit Integrations is a plugin that allows seamless integration between various platforms and applications. 

With Bit Integrations, you can connect over 200 popular platforms without needing to write a single line of code.

This plugin is specifically designed for WordPress users, making it easy to integrate plugins and external applications effortlessly.

Whether you’re a developer or a non-technical user, Bit Integrations provides a user-friendly way to streamline automation and save time.

It enhances the capabilities of your existing plugins, offers features like conditional logic and field mapping, and provides 24/7 support to ensure a smooth integration process.


YepCode is a integration and automation tool designed to cater to the needs of both no-code enthusiasts and developers who are comfortable working with source code.

While no-code tools are perfect for quick and hassle-free project deployment, YepCode steps in when more intricate integrations demand the finesse of coding over a drag-and-drop interface.

In essence, YepCode is the enterprise-grade answer to Zapier for developers. It provides a range of pre-built enhancements that inject extra potency into your integration projects, particularly those that require the precision of coding.


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Are you tired of sifting through unreliable information and encountering questionable experts in trading communities? Vestinda is here to address these challenges.

Imagine escaping the frustrations of trading losses and the noise of unreliable advice. With Vestinda, you gain access to transparency in the trading markets.

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In summary, Vestinda is a game-changer. It provides a holistic solution for both traders and influencers, enabling them to navigate the world of trading more efficiently.

Pros And Cons Of TaskMagic:


  • Steps per workflow
  • Record in multiple tabs
  • Automated workflows
  • Runs per workflow
  • Create powerful, code
  • Powerful asset for optimizing your workflow 
  • Without the need for no coding expertise


  • As with any artificial intelligence, it may take some time to master its tools, but once you do, you’ll be alright.

Last Word:

In the final analysis, TaskMagic stands as a beacon of productivity in an era that demands efficiency.

Its AI-powered capabilities to automate tasks seamlessly, predict workflows, and enhance productivity are a testament to its transformative potential.

This isn’t just about a tool; it’s about a paradigm shift in how we approach work. As we navigate a world that values every second, TaskMagic becomes a trusted ally, liberating us from the burdensome chains of repetitive tasks.

It’s a symphony of technology and simplicity, offering a user-friendly experience that doesn’t require the intricacies of coding. TaskMagic’s AppSumo offers open doors to various pricing tiers, making it accessible for individuals and teams alike.

From the smallest task to the most complex automation, TaskMagic adapts and empowers. It’s not just about automation; it’s about empowerment, about reclaiming time, and about unleashing creativity.

So, in the last word, TaskMagic isn’t just a tool; it’s a transformation. It’s the shift from mundane to meaningful, from manual to automated, from ordinary to extraordinary. With TaskMagic, the stage is set for a new performance of productivity, and you’re the star.

Get access to TaskMagic Lifetime Deal today!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Here, I’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions in the TaskMagic Review.

  • What is TaskMagic?

    TaskMagic is an innovative AI-powered tool that automates manual and repetitive tasks on the web. It streamlines your workflow by eliminating the need for time-consuming clicking, typing, copying, and pasting.

  • Who can benefit from TaskMagic?

    TaskMagic is designed for a wide range of users, including sales managers, small business owners, marketing professionals, remote workers, and anyone with repetitive web tasks. It’s also ideal for collaboration-driven teams and those looking to optimize their workflows.

  • How does TaskMagic work?

    TaskMagic works by recording your actions as you perform a task online. Once recorded, TaskMagic can replicate these actions automatically, allowing you to save time and energy. The AI-driven engine also predicts workflows and suggests improvements for enhanced productivity.

  • Can I schedule automated tasks with TaskMagic?

    Yes, you can schedule or trigger automated tasks to run at specific times. Whether it’s a one-time action or a recurring process, TaskMagic gives you the flexibility to automate tasks as needed.

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