Textfocus Lifetime Deal $89 | Best SEO Analysis Tool

May 28, 2023 | Content Marketing, Business Tools | 0 comments

Textfocus Lifetime Deal $89 | Best SEO Analysis Tool

May 28, 2023 | Content Marketing, Business Tools | 0 comments

Textfocus Review

It has never been more essential to ensure that your online pages are SEO-optimized so that they can reach the largest (and most relevant) audience possible on the internet. But how do you accomplish this? There is no need for concern. You have arrived at the proper destination.

This software examines a page’s HTML and text in order to determine what makes it useful to users and search engines. The lexical fields utilized on the website are also cataloged as each word is processed.

Meet the Textfocus lifetime deal.

Hello there, and thank you for stopping by this Textfocus review! In the following paragraphs, you will find out what Textfocus is, as well as its features, security, the Textfocus Appsumo offer, cost, discount, and further information.

What Is Textfocus?


Textfocus is an artificial intelligence-powered application that analyzes HTML code and text to help businesses optimize their online content for search engine optimization. It provides text analysis, competitor analysis, and keyword and phrase optimization, among other features.

This application analyzes the HTML code and text on a page to determine its search engine relevance. Additionally, each word is analyzed to determine the lexical fields used on the page.

Additionally, you can verify the presence of keywords within the correct HTML elements.
Each extracted term is annotated according to its presence or absence in the SEO-relevant tags. Examine whether the page adheres to best practices or risks a penalty for over-optimization.

Real-time analysis of direct competitors provides the semantic fields associated with the primary expression. You can rapidly determine the relevance of each expression, whether it is used on the page being analyzed, and which keywords your competitors share.

Textfocus, with its text analysis, competitor analysis, and keyword optimization features, is an indispensable tool for any company seeking to enhance its online presence.

Businesses can unlock their maximum potential and drive growth in today’s competitive digital environment by leveraging the power of Textfocus.

Who Should Purchase Textfocus?


The Textfocus Lifetime Deal is good for:

  • Content creators
  • Developers
  • Marketing agencies

How Can Textfocus Outrank Your Competitors?

Creating high-quality, interesting content that caters to your audience’s needs is a crucial step toward climbing the search engine ranks. Textfocus makes it simpler and faster than ever before to do this task.

You can make sure your articles are well-written, error-free, and search engine optimized by utilizing Textfocus to examine and optimize your material. This can improve your search engine rankings, bring in more visitors, and keep them on your site for longer.

In addition, Textfocus may help you differentiate yourself from the competition by facilitating the rapid and consistent production of high-quality content. You can make your content stand out from the crowd by utilizing its sophisticated AI-powered analysis and personalization features.

How The Textfocus Features Help You?


Analyses Facilitated By AI: 

Textfocus does an analysis of the quality of your writing and provides recommendations for how it could be improved by utilizing highly complex algorithmic processes. It is able to identify typographical and grammatical errors, provide suggestions for alternative phrasings, and provide advice on how to best optimize your material for search engines.

Quickly Incorporated:

Textfocus is compatible with all of your favorite word processing tools, such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and WordPress, and may be used in conjunction with these applications. 

You are able to use its functions instantly from the environment in which you are writing, which will save you time because it will eliminate the need for you to shift between other applications.

Individually Configurable Settings: 

Textfocus gives you the chance to customize its settings so that they are in line with the aesthetic and writing style that you prefer. Textfocus gives you the option to choose your preferred language, level of formality, and tone, and then adapts its suggestions in accordance with the choices you make.

Instruments for Cooperative Work: 

Textfocus is a collaborative writing software that makes it easier for numerous individuals to collaborate on the same writing assignment at the same time. 

You can receive comments on papers that you have shared with coworkers or customers in real time. These documents can be shared with coworkers or customers.

Research and Documentation:

Textfocus provides in-depth statistics and reports on your writing performance. Some of the metrics that are included in these statistics and reports are word count, reading time, and readability score. By making use of this information, you will be able to track your growth as a writer over time and take steps toward improving your abilities over the course of that time.

Textfocus Lifetime Deal Includes:

  • Lifetime access to Textfocus.
  • If you want to use the codes you bought, you need to do it within the first 60 days.
  • Please be aware that no additional discounts may be applied to this one.
  • All future Textfocus Plan updates
  • Please be aware that no additional discounts may be applied to this one.
  • Completely free of charge for the first sixty days.

60 day money-back guarantee

Textfocus Appsumo Pricing Plan:

One-Time Purchase Of $39

  • Calculation of volumes: There are no limits to the results.
  • 500 Credits accrued each month
  • Competitors taken into consideration: 100
  • Semantic suggestions: 100 results
  • To find answers to questions: an unlimited number of outcomes
  • Link analysis: the possibilities are endless
  • Unlimited results can be obtained from an audit.
  • Search for entities using NLP
  • A translation of the relevant keywords

How To Receive An Extra 10% Off:

  • You should check out AppSumo’s Textfocus Lifetime Deals page.
  • Please wait as a discount popup appears on your screen.
  • Those who enter their email address will gain access to special features.
  • Using the same email address is fine.
  • You’ll save 10% in the final calculation.
  • This discount is only available to new customers.

Note: that there are 10% savings with this offer. This offer is only available to people making their first purchase

Textfocus Regular Pricing Plan:

Small: 9.90€ht/Mo (Billed Monthly) or $8.25€ht/Mo (Billed Annually)

  • 20 competitors analyzed
  • Semantic suggestions: 50 results
  • Yes, entity analysis is accessible.
  • Unrestricted query search results
  • Link analysis: limitless outcomes
  • Keyword research: limitless results

Classic: 29.90€ht/Mo (Billed Monthly) or $24.92€ht/Mo (Billed Annually)

  • 50 competitors analyzed
  • Semantic suggestions: 50 results
  • Yes, entity analysis is accessible.
  • Unrestricted query search results
  • Link analysis: limitless outcomes
  • Keyword research: limitless results

Big: 49.90€ht/Mo (Billed Monthly) or $41.58€ht/Mo (Billed Annually)

  • 100 competitors analyzed
  • Semantic suggestions: 100 results
  • Yes, entity analysis is accessible.
  • Unrestricted query search results
  • Link analysis: limitless outcomes
  • Keyword research: limitless results
  • Yes, there is a keyword audit translation.

Alternative To Textfocus:


Your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) will receive a significant boost from BeyondMe’s Pixel tool, which performs comprehensive SERP research. You may diagnose a drop in website traffic with the assistance of our technology, which also identifies the specific keywords that are preventing your website from achieving its full potential. 


SiteGuru will analyze your site and make suggestions to improve its performance and user experience, rather than providing you with a long list of issues.

With our help, you can monitor your SEO development by combining information from Google Search Console and Google Analytics. We’ll inform you of the keywords for which you can rank, the pages that have been demoted, and the steps you can take to improve your click-through rate on Google.


Screpy is an SEO and web analysis tool that is built on artificial intelligence. It gives you and your team the opportunity to review and monitor all of the data associated with your website from within a single dashboard. Screpy can be found at screpy.com. 

Monitoring the performance of your website, from search engine optimization to page speed, is required of you, but switching between different platforms can be a nuisance.


In the modern, digital world, you can make use of a wide range of incredible resources that are made available to you with OpenMyLink. Tracking clicks allows you to optimize your marketing efforts and includes everything from stunning infinite profile pages with a ton of information blocks and styles to unlimited QR codes and a URL shortener. Pixel management and multiple marketing strategies are also included.

Pros and Cons of Textfocus:


  • Full text analysis for enhanced SEO performance.
  • Competitive intelligence through a real-time study of the market.
  • Improving search engine results using optimized keywords and phrases.
  • Numerous connections to well-known advertising platforms.
  • Safe and effective text analysis that complies with the General Data Protection Regulation.


  • The possible steep learning curve that SEO tool newcomers may face.
  • It needs constant checking and tweaking for best performance.


It’s more crucial than ever to create high-quality content in today’s fast-paced digital world. Bloggers, marketers, and company owners alike can all benefit from a dependable writing tool that speeds up the process of creating high-quality material. For this purpose, there is Textfocus.

Textfocus is the all-in-one solution for your writing needs thanks to its potent AI-powered analysis, simple integration with your preferred writing tools, and flexible settings. Better search engine rankings and more site visitors can be yours with the help of Textfocus’ SEO tools. Why hold off? Improve your writing immediately by downloading Textfocus.

Get your “Textfocus Lifetime Deal” today.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Here, I’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions in the Textfocus Review.

  • How can Textfocus help my business, and what is it?

    Textfocus is an SEO tool that helps businesses improve the SEO results of their online content and reach more people. It can do things like analyze text, look at competitors, and optimize keywords.

  • Can Textfocus look at the websites of my competitors?

    Yes, Textfocus offers real-time rival analysis. This enables you to identify keywords that several rivals are using, judge the significance of each expression, and pull out semantic fields associated with your primary expression.

  • How does Textfocus help you optimize your keywords?

    Textfocus helps businesses figure out which keywords their pages are optimized for in terms of SEO rankings, find phrases that are linked semantically, and look for new keywords to expand the semantic field.

  • Is Textfocus in line with GDPR?

    Yes, Textfocus is GDPR-compliant. This means that your content analysis and data management are safe and follow the rules for data security.

  • How does Textfocus work with other business tools?

    Textfocus is compatible with a variety of today’s most well-known marketing platforms, making it an attractive choice for businesses interested in expanding their reach. Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, and Constant Contact are some of the platforms that fall into this category. HubSpot is another option.

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