Branalyzer Lifetime Deal $49 | All In One Brands Analysis Software

Mar 23, 2023 | SEO Tools | 0 comments

Branalyzer Lifetime Deal $49 | All In One Brands Analysis Software

Mar 23, 2023 | SEO Tools | 0 comments

Branalyzer Review

How much money does the competition spend on links? What are the company’s conversion rate, average value of orders, and income? What are the main SEO metrics for it? Avoid wasting your time and money on unnecessary tools.

Introducing Branalyzer Lifetime Deal…

An inexpensive replacement for Similarweb and Semrush Branalyzer is a comprehensive AI-based platform that helps business owners, organizations, and marketers to gather comprehensive information about brands.

What Exactly Is Branalyzer?

Branalyzer Lifetime Deal

Branalyzer is a tool that tells you everything you need to know about a brand. 

Today’s marketing freelancers, agencies, and business owners can use Brainanalyzer products to gain in-depth information on what’s happening online because they are highly popular.

You may quickly produce new Branalyzer leads to obtain effective email addresses within the Branalyzer appsumo. Also, it makes it possible to expand your link building reach without any technical knowledge. Construct numerous linkages quickly.

Who Should Purchase Branalyzer?

Branalyzer appsumo

The Branalyzer Lifetime Deal is ideal for:

  • Marketing companies
  • Freelancers
  • Agencies
  • Small Companies
  • Marketers

Why Should You Use  Branalyzer

The digital marketing tool Branalyzer allows you to conduct keyword research, SEO analysis, SEO audit, and more! It is the top SEO tool for digital marketing businesses and independent professionals. 

The best part of Branalyzer is that you do not even need to download it to your computer from the Branalyzer website! You may just use it on your browser, on a tablet, or on your phone!

Want to expand your link-building efforts with the aid of a potent tool? 

With Linkedin surpassing 1 billion users in 2016, it is more critical than ever to identify the proper leads. New Branalyzer Leads enables you to quickly discover the email addresses of your target audience’s professionals. 

So, you can concentrate on your content and outreach rather than spending hours searching for the perfect contacts.

Features of Branalyzer:

Branalyzer Review

You may monitor the backlinks to your website using the software Branalyzer. Backlinks are connections to your websites made by other websites.

By examining backlinks, you may learn which websites link to yours, what kind of material they are related to, and whether or not those links are worthwhile.

Additionally, it offers details on the link attributes (i.e., how many sites are linked in, the size of each link) and the on-page keywords connected to those links.

Brand Analyzer

Use the tool Branalyzer to evaluate the effectiveness of your website. It offers thorough details on keyword density, search engine outcomes, and other elements to assist you in enhancing the SEO of your website.

For examining traffic and conversion rates, it includes a wide range of functions. analyzes the effectiveness of websites by providing thorough data on search engine outcomes, keyword density, Anchor Text Distribution (ANT), backlinks, and more.

Business Kpis

 Predicted traffic, the value of an average order, the conversion rate, revenue, lifetime value, etc.

Username For Brand

Especially if the brand’s desired username is taken on more than a hundred different social media platforms.

The Brand Keyword

Brand keywords are crucial components of any company’s marketing strategy since they make it simple for clients and customers to locate you (the brand) on search engines, social networking sites, etc. Using this tool, you may do keyword research.

has official email accounts. One of the best-known brands that specialize in hair analysis is Branalyzer.

The company has received many excellent evaluations from pleased consumers all around the world, and their technology consistently produces accurate findings even when competing brands would produce unfavorable outcomes.

Tests are reasonably priced and useful for many things, including branding and market research.

It is crucial to have strong backlinks in order to boost the exposure and ranks of your website. Using a tool like Branalyzer is an effective approach to determine the quality of these relationships.

It enables you to monitor the strength of your ties and determine which websites link to yours and how powerful those links are.

It also includes a link analysis function that allows you to compare the backlinks of other websites in depth. This data can assist you in identifying any weak places in your online presence and taking the required efforts to strengthen them.

Branalyzer is an outstanding link analyzing tool that helps boost the visibility and ranks of your website.

Emails From Brand 

Emails from your brand are an excellent approach to maintain contact with your target audience and produce leads or customers. It will assist in identifying professional email addresses.

You may measure all relevant metrics, including open rates, clicks, unsubscribes, etc., using a brand email tracker like Branalyzer.

These SEO techniques facilitate the discovery of enterprise emails. This information will assist you in optimizing and ensuring the success of your email marketing efforts.

In addition, Branalyzer provides insights on what works best for various businesses, such as enhancing engagement or decreasing bounce rates. The tool Branalyzer is useful for freelancers.

Hence, if you want to enhance your brand’s internet presence, consider purchasing Branalyzer immediately!

Branalyzer Lifetime Deal ($49) Includes:

  • Access to Branalyzer forever
  • Up to 100 Monthly Searches
  • Unlimited Domain Name Search
  • Unlimited Backlinks Hunter for Free
  • Expired Domains Finder – Unlimited
  • Details About Advanced SEO
  • All-in-one brands analysis software plan with lifetime access to Branalyzer
  • Guaranteed money-back for 60 days

Branalyzer Appsumo Pricing:

One-time purchase of $49

  • Up to 100 monthly searches.
  • Unlimited Domain Name Search
  • Unlimited Backlinks Finder
  • Unlimited Expired Domains Searching
  • Simple Branalyzer Chrome Add-on
  • You are always free to change your plan in any way you want.
  • Stack 2 add the following codes: Team Access: 2; Up to 250 Monthly Searches
  • Restricted Branalyzer Chrome Add-on
  • Stack 4 additions Team access: 3; Up to 500 monthly searches.
  • Advanced SEO Information / Export Result to CSV, Excel / PDF Report Creator for Brands
  • Infinite Branalyzer Chrome Extend
  • Stack 8 additions Team access: Up to 1500 monthly searches

How To Get Extra 10% Off on AppSumo?

  • Viasit Branalyzer Appsumo In The Web 
  • There Will Shortly Be A Pop-Up Promotional Offer.
  • To get the discount, please add your email address.
  • Just Use The Email Address As Normal.
  • The offer is only available for new customers.

Main Pricing For Branalyzer Lifetime Deal 

Branalyzer has 4 pricing plan;free individual business,enterprise

Free Plan – Product Test for $0:

  • Up to 10 monthly searches.
  • Search for Limited Backlinks
  • Specific Free Backlinks Hunter
  • Hunter of Limited  Expired, and Public Domains.
  • Simple Chrome extension for Branalyzer.
  • Email Support for 3-5 days.

Individual Plan – Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses for $19

  • Up to 100  monthly searches
  • Backlinks Hunter for Unlimited
  • Hunter of Unlimited Free Backlinks
  • Simple Chrome extension for Branalyzer.
  • You can change your plan in any way you want at any time.
  • Email Support for 3-5 days.

Business Plan – Small & Medium Businesses for $29

  • Up to 250  monthly searches
  • Backlinks Hunter for Unlimited
  • Hunter of Unlimited Free Backlinks
  • Simple Chrome extension for Branalyzer.
  • Email Support for 3-5 days.

Enterprise Plan – Large businesses & Agencies for $49

  • Up to 500  monthly searches
  • Backlinks Hunter for Unlimited
  • Simple Chrome extension for Branalyzer.
  • Results export to CSV, Excel, TXT, and JSON.
  • PDF Report Generator for Brands.
  • You can change your plan in any way you want at any time.
  • Email Support for 1-3 days.

Some Alternative Of Branalyzer:

WebSite Auditor

WebSite Auditor is a website auditing software that improves your on-page and technical SEO to help your website rank higher in search engines.

it helps you to Analyze the performance of your website to identify problems with search engine ranking, indexing, and user experience.


Contentpace is an AI-powered content workspace that automates and optimizes hours of topic research and content outline.

Contentpace is driven by cutting-edge AI that optimizes your website’s content for search engines, allowing you to quickly outrank your opponent.


SheerSEO is an SEO program which helps you monitor your site’s health and analyze and optimize your keyword and backlink strategies.

The automated rank tracking provided by SheerSEO makes it simple to follow your website’s search engine rankings on Google, Bing, and YouTube.


SiteGuru is an SEO auditing tool that allows businesses to examine meta descriptions, Schema markup, page speed, canonical, broken links, errors, and redirects for SEO concerns.

It provides a thorough, practical SEO to-do list and extensive audit reporting; if you complete the tasks, you can increase your Google traffic.

Branalyzer Pros & Cons:

Branalyzer is a popular SEO tool that helps website owners and marketers to analyze and optimize their websites for search engines. Here are some of the pros and cons of using Branalyzer:


  • The tool has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, even for beginners.
  • Branalyzer allows users to generate customized reports with personalized branding and colors.
  • The tool provides insights into the SEO strategies of competitors, including their keyword rankings, backlinks, and content.


  • Branalyzer offers a free plan, but it has limited features compared to the paid plans.
  • The tool’s crawling speed is slower compared to some other SEO tools, which can be frustrating for users.


In conclusion, Branalyzer is a comprehensive brand analysis tool that offers companies insightful information and data to help them refine their branding strategy and strengthen their market position.

Branalyzer offers businesses a complete solution for brand recognition analysis, sentiment analysis, competitor analysis, market trends analysis, and more with its cutting-edge algorithms, customizable reports, and user-friendly interface.

Its versatile features make it the perfect tool for businesses looking to enhance their social media strategy, manage their brand reputation, and optimize marketing campaigns.

Overall, Branalyzer is an indispensable tool for any company looking to stay ahead of the competition and make data-driven decisions about its branding strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Here, I’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions people in Branalyzer Review :

  • What advantages does using an analyzer offer?

    The branalyzer has a few advantages, one of which is its manual mode. This mode enables you to check your environment or food for other toxins like PCBs, dioxins, and heavy metals.

    As a result, using an analyzer can help you figure out which pesticides are present in your food and in what quantities.

    Additionally, our analyzer employs a cutting-edge technique known as matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time of flight (MALDI TOF). This technology simplifies the intricate chemical makeup of pesticides.

  • Is Branalyzer Free Or Paid?

    Branalyzer can currently be purchased for 50% less than the regular price. A number of add-ons can also be purchased separately for an extra cost.
    It costs nothing to download and use the software. However, you’ll need to buy one of the premium plans, which start at $39 per year, to get the most out of Branalyzer.

  • How Does By Branalyzer Function? What Is It?

    The Branalyzer is a tool that helps in the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and acne.
    This device employs a spectrometer to identify the specific type of bacteria causing the skin condition. It accomplishes this by measuring light interference.

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