FlexClip Lifetime Deal $69 | Template Your Best Video Maker

Jan 31, 2024 | Media Tools | 0 comments

FlexClip Lifetime Deal $69 | Template Your Best Video Maker

Jan 31, 2024 | Media Tools | 0 comments

FlexClip Review 2024

The power of video in marketing and advertising cannot be underestimated. 

It has the ability to grab attention, convey complex ideas, and evoke emotions like no other medium. 

But creating high-quality videos can be a daunting task, especially for those who lack experience or artistic ability. 

That’s where FlexClip Lifetime Deal comes in. This innovative video creation tool is designed to help anyone, regardless of skill level, unlock their creative potential and produce professional-quality videos. 

In this FlexClip Review, we will know what is FlexClip, its features, FlexClip AppSumo offers, this discount, we’ll look at how it can help you create stunning videos, regardless of your background or expertise. 

So, whether you’re a business owner looking to produce marketing content, or a content creator looking to take your videos to the next level, read on to find out how FlexClip can help you achieve your goals.

What Is FlexClip?

FlexClip Appsumo

FlexClip is a captivating videos template and create videos marketing and slideshows in minutes. 

It provides ready-to-use templates for both personal and professional projects, along with a huge selection of stock photos, videos, and music.

Using its robust editing features, you can easily cut, combine, add text, music, and transitions to your videos. 

And guess what? FlexClip has smart AI tools like auto subtitle, text-to-speech, AI image generator, text-to-video, and AI script, making your editing experience even more awesome!

Who Should Use FlexClip?

  • Creators course
  • Small businesses
  • YouTubers
  • Content Creators
  • Small Business Owners
  • Digital Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Event Organizers
  • Social Media Managers

Profitable Features of FlexClip:

FlexClip Review

Extensive Template Collection:

  • Kickstart your projects with thousands of professionally designed video templates across various fields, allowing easy customization for both experts and beginners.

AI-Powered Creativity:

  • Harness the power of AI with features like image generation, text-to-video, auto-subtitles, and text-to-speech, unleashing the full potential of your creative ideas.

Efficient Screen Recording:

  • Record your screen and webcam simultaneously or separately with FlexClip’s user-friendly screen recorder. Capture entire screens, specific windows, or individual browser tabs effortlessly.

Vast Stock Asset Library:

  • Access over 4 million royalty-free stock assets seamlessly integrated into FlexClip. Enhance your projects with high-quality videos, photos, and music.

Built-In Text Animations:

  • Elevate your videos with a rich collection of over 1,000 text animations and preset styles, adding captivating text effects to bring your content to life.

Dynamic Vector Elements:

  • Infuse creativity into your visuals with millions of dynamic vector elements, allowing you to create unique and engaging content.

Seamless Transitions and Overlays:

  • Craft engaging storytelling with a diverse selection of transitions and overlays, ensuring smooth and visually appealing content.

User-Friendly Interface:

  • FlexClip provides a user-friendly experience, making video creation accessible for both beginners and experienced designers.

Resource-Rich Integration:

  • Seamlessly integrate with stock media providers, offering an extensive library of resources to enhance the quality of your creative projects.

Time-Saving Workflow:

  • Streamline your workflow significantly by utilizing templates, AI-powered tools, and built-in resources, saving you valuable time during the video creation process.

How Does FlexClip Work?

FlexClip is an easy-to-use online video editing platform that simplifies the entire video creation process. Here’s a simple guide on how FlexClip works:

Choose a Template or Start Fresh:

  • Once you’re in, pick a template that suits your needs or start a new project from scratch.

Import Your Media:

  • Upload your photos and videos or explore FlexClip’s vast library of stock footage, images, and music.

Start Editing:

  • Customize your video by adding text, music, transitions, and more. The drag-and-drop interface makes editing a breeze for everyone.

Trim and Arrange:

  • Use the editing tools to trim and arrange your video clips in the order you want. Adjust the duration of each clip as needed.

Add Elements:

  • Enhance your video with extra elements like text overlays, dynamic transitions, and music to make it more engaging.

AI-Powered Tools:

  • Take advantage of AI-powered tools such as auto subtitle, text-to-speech, AI image generator, text-to-video, and AI script to make editing even smoother.


  • Before finalizing your project, preview your video to ensure it looks exactly how you want it. Make any necessary adjustments.


  • Once you’re satisfied, export your video in your preferred resolution. FlexClip provides various export options, including square, vertical, and landscape formats.

Download and Share:

  • Download your edited video to your device and share it on social media, websites, or any other platforms you prefer.

FlexClip Lifetime Deal Pricing Plan:

Plan 1

One-time purchase of $69

  • 720p HD downloads
  • 1 stock video/audio per project
  • Video length up to 25 minutes
  • 10 GB cloud storage
  • 50 GB video hosting space
  • Save up to 10 templates
  • Al text to video: 1200 times/yr
  • Al text to image: 600 times/yr
  • Text to speech: 120k characters/yr
  • Al script: 1200 times/yr
  • Auto subtitle 360 mins/yr
  • Remove background: 600 credits/yr

Plan 2

One-time purchase of $138

  • 1080p Full-HD downloads
  • 5 stock videos/audio per project
  • Unlimited video length
  • 30 GB cloud storage
  • 100 GB video hosting space
  • Save up to 100 templates
  • Al text to video: 2400 times/yr
  • Al text to image: 2400 times/yr
  • Text to speech: 600k characters/yr
  • Al script: 2400 times/yr
  • Auto subtitle: 720 mins/yr
  • Remove background: 1200 credits/yr

Plan 3

One-time purchase of $207

  • 1080p Full-HD downloads
  • Unlimited stock videos/audio per project
  • Unlimited video length
  • 100 GB cloud storage
  • 1 TB video hosting space
  • Save up to 200 templates
  • AI text to video: 6000 times/yr
  • AI text to image: 6000 times/yr
  • Text to speech: 3600k characters/yr
  • AI script: 6000 times/yr
  • Auto subtitle: 2880 mins/yr
  • Remove background: 6000 credits/yr

Claim Your 10% Discounts On FlexClip Lifetime Deal:


Optimize your savings with the  Lifetime Deal Of FlexClip at just $69, $138 $207. Plus, enjoy an additional 10% off by following these simple steps:

  • Visit the AppSumo  FlexClip Lifetime Deal Page.
  • Secure your discount pop-up bar by entering a valid email address.
  • Proceed with the same email address during the purchase.
  • Check your email inbox for further instructions and to confirm your exclusive discount.

FlexClip Regular Plans and Pricing:

FlexClip has four price tiers;

FREE, BASIC, PLUS, and BUSINESS plans are available.

Get started for free! No credit card is required!

Free Plan $00/month:

  • 480p SD downloads
  • 1 stock video per project
  • 1 stock audio per project
  • Maximum 12 projects
  • Video length up to 1 min
  • Auto subtitles 5 mins/mo
  • 3 background removal credits/mo

BASIC Plan $9.99/month:

  • HD 720p downloads
  • One stock video per project
  • Online storage of infinite projects
  • Maximum video duration of three minutes
  • Signature watermark
  • No FlexClip introduction
  • 10GB of Cloud Storage

PLUS Plan $19.99/month:

  • Downloads in 1080p Full-HD resolution
  • Five stock videos per project
  • Online storage of infinite projects
  • Maximum duration of 10 minutes
  • Signature watermark
  • No FlexClip introduction
  • 30 GB Cloud Storage

BUSINESS Plan $29.99/month:

  • Downloads in 1080p Full-HD resolution
  • Unlimited stock footage for each project
  • You can save an infinite number of projects online. Video duration is restricted to 30 minutes.
  • Signature watermark
  • No FlexClip introduction
  • 100 GB Cloud Storage

Alternative to FlexClip Lifetime Deal:

Fliki Ai

Fliki is an artificial intelligence-based text-to-video converter that enables users to produce films from scripts, blog posts, and articles in exactly two minutes using a voice that sounds real and natural.

Using Fliki, you can convert your blog post, together with text and voice, into a movie with subtitles that looks and sounds authentic.


Ocoya is social media content creation and time-based software that is cloud-based. With the built-in analytics section, you can figure out how well your ads did after they were published.

As an added bonus, it links with Canva so you can utilize your own designs in addition to the hundreds of professionally-made templates, graphics, and Creative Commons images that are at your service.

Pros and Cons Of Flexclip:


  • The standard collection doesn’t charge any fees or royalties, and the material isn’t limited by copyright. Projects that use this collection can also be sold.
  • It is simple to use. includes a straightforward interface with elements that are easily visible.
  • Affordable to a good extent


  • Standard compared to other paid video editing software.
  • The video converter only supports a handful of file types.


In conclusion, FlexClip is a user-friendly and versatile web tool for video editing, offering a wide range of features to create professional-looking videos, movies, and slideshows in minutes. With its easy-to-use interface, powerful editing tools, and a library of templates and media assets, it caters to the needs of course creators, small businesses, YouTubers, and anyone looking to enhance their video content.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced video creator, FlexClip provides a convenient alternative to traditional video editing software like Adobe Premiere and iMovie.

Say goodbye to the daily struggle involved in creating videos. FlexClip will take the words you give it and use artificial intelligence to turn them into a beautiful video.

Get FlexClip Lifetime Deal

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Here, I’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions people have about FlexClip review.

Where can I get free online video editing software?

To use the free online video editor provided by Flexclip, all you need to do is enter our website, choose the editing function that you want, and then apply it.

Which web browsers are suggested for online video editing?

FlexClip performs well in Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. To get the most out of your editing experience, please make sure that your browser is using the most recent version.

How are these browsers best for online video editing?

FlexClip is part of a wide choice of video file formats, including MP4, MOV, and AVI. Please check using our online video converter in the event that your files are not supported.

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