Hy.Page Lifetime Deal $49 | Generate Revenue From Your Bio Link

Apr 29, 2023 | Lead Generation | 0 comments

Hy.Page Lifetime Deal $49 | Generate Revenue From Your Bio Link

Apr 29, 2023 | Lead Generation | 0 comments

Hy.Page Review

Do you feel like you have less control over your social media profiles than you used to?

Since you only get one chance to make a good first impression online, it would be great if you could sell digital products and memberships from your bio link.

Don’t get on the struggle bus just yet. There’s an easy way to change one master URL so that you can collect payments from customers without them having to leave the page.

Introducing “Hy.Page Lifetime Deal“

In this blog post, we are going to know about “Hy.Page” what is it, features, pros & cons , Hy.Page AppSumo offers and final thoughts about it.

What Is Hy.Page?


Hy.page is a platform where you can make a landing page for your bio link that you can customize and use to make money without having to pay a fee. 

You can combine all of your social media channels, like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and others, to make a single, profitable online presence for all of your fans and followers. This tool makes it easy to sell digital content to fans and give them access to all of your online resources through one link.

With Hy.page, you can replace payment gateways like Kofi or Gumroad with the payment processors that come with the platform. 

You can mix and match widgets on your page in a lot of different ways. Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your audience.With this platform, you can collect email addresses right from the link to your profile.

Who Should Use Hy.Page?

Hy.Page appsumo

The Hy.Page Lifetime Deal is best for:

  • Content makers
  • Social media Influencers
  • Small businesses 
  • Freelancer

Feature Of  Hy.Page


Sell digital Product  To Your Fans:

you can now offer any downloadable digital service or product to your followers. It handles file delivery, security, and user access safely by default. With a variety of file types, you can sell premium video, eBooks, memberships, courses, photographs, music, PDFs, web components, plugins, templates, software, podcasts, swipe files, etc. To sell your digital goods, you don’t need to worry about sending customers to Gumroad anymore. Now, your fans can create an account using their email address and password, make a payment, and gain access to all of the premium resources you sell on Hy.page.

Utilize Donations:

Hy.page can also help you with donations. so that your supporters can support you by buying you a cappuccino. This is a fantastic way to ask for personalized videos and shoutouts. Or, if you have any true fans who want to support you, you can use this feature to accept donations.

Create A Membership On Your Own:

Another excellent way to earn extra money online is to create subscription-based content. Hy.page gives you the option to design your own membership platform to accomplish that.

Your fans will sign up to receive the content directly through your bio link if you use Hy.page to lock your content. In place of Patreon, by using this feature.

Get your audience’s emails and use the power of email marketing. But you don’t have to make a landing page and use tricks to get people to give you their email addresses. With Hy.Page, you can get emails right from your bio link. So they can send you their email to join your premium list without leaving your bio link page.

As other people link in bio tools like Linktree, LinkJoy, Bitly, and Switchy, you can link out to any other service and set up the content preview, embeds, and other forms of rich media that separate your links.

Hy.Page AppSumo pricing:

One-time purchase of $49

  • Three domains
  • specific domain
  • Numberless users per domain
  • Create unique bio link templates
  • Integrations of pixels
  • Sell products
  • Sell subscriptions and memberships
  • No transaction costs
  • Accept payments and donations
  • Integrations of ESP
  • Integration of Webhook and Zapier
  • endless links per page

60 day money-back guarantee. 

How To Receive An Extra 10% Off:


To get 10% off from Hy.Page AppSumo offer please follow the steps:

  • visit “Hy.Page AppSumo” in the web.
  • A pop-up with a discount will display after a few delays.
  • Please enter a working email address here.
  • choose UNLOCK MY 10%.
  • check your email again 
  • This discount is only available for new customers.

Main Pricing For Hy.Page 

Pro Plan $19 / month

Start selling products while utilizing your own domain.

Everything inside is FREE, plus the following features:

  • Product sales
  • Use up to three domains.
  • per page, 30 links
  • With no transaction costs
  • Paypal /Stripe 
  • (Javascript) embeds
  • Accept donations
  • Accept fan requests
  • Remove the Hy.page branding.

Enterprise Plan $39 / month

Start selling with a monthly membership. Give your subscribers a feed of content.

Everything inside is FREE & PRO plus the following features.

  • Build and sell a subscription
  • Build and sell a membership
  • Utilize up to six domains

Alternative For Hy.Page


Sleek Bio is a tool for managing and keeping track of links. With Sleek Bio, a SaaS solution, users can make a simple and professional bio link page. With Sleek Bio, users can quickly create a landing page that can be changed and has all of their important links.

Sleek Bio will assist you in developing a strong online presence, whether you’re a freelancer presenting your work, an entrepreneur promoting your brand, or an influencer attempting to connect with your audience.


Linkjoy is a web-based tool that lets users make landing pages for their social media and marketing campaigns that can be changed to fit their needs. Linkjoy lets users make a page with links to their website, social media profiles, blog posts, product pages, and more.

Users can send their followers to a single page that has all the links they need, so they don’t have to keep changing the link in their bio or share multiple links in a single post.


Switchy is a web-based tool that lets users make short links that they can customize and use to track clicks and improve marketing campaigns. With Switchy, people can make shortened links with their own brand that are easy to share on social media, in email campaigns, and other marketing channels.

OpenMyLink is a web-based tool that makes it easy and quick to make short URLs and QR codes. With its easy-to-use interface, you can make and manage all of your links in one place, saving you time and effort.

OpenMyLink has many features like custom domains, password protection, and detailed analytics to help you get the most out of your links.

Pros and Cons of Hy.Page:


  • User friendly interface.
  • It is budget friendly.
  • It can be plugged in with your smartphone.
  • Accept donations and other payments,so it is easy to pay with Hy.Page.
  • No technical knowledge needed
  • Sell digital products and Membership from your bio link.


Hy.page only offers customer service through email, which could be a problem for people who need help right away.


In conclusion, Hy.Page is a powerful landing page builder that lets users customize their pages and use advanced features to make landing pages that work well for their marketing campaigns. Focusing on speed and performance, 

Hy.Page lets users make landing pages that load quickly and make the user experience smooth. Its drag-and-drop interface, customizable templates, and design elements make it easy for users to make landing pages that fit their needs and goals.

 Hy.Page’s A/B testing, integrations with popular marketing tools, and detailed analytics and reporting help users improve the performance of their landing pages and marketing campaigns. Overall,

Hy.Page is a powerful tool for businesses and marketers who want to improve their online presence and increase conversions through effective landing pages.

So get your “Hy.page Lifetime Dealright now.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Here, I’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions in the Hy.page Review.

  • What’s Different About This From Linktree?

    We let you show all of your links, just like Linktree. We also have a number of features that will let you do more with your bio link, such as accept donations, take requests, better format your links, etc.

  • Why Would I Use You Instead Of Patreon?

    When you use Patreon or a service like it, they take a cut of your payment and use you as a walking ad for themselves.If you use Hypage, you can keep all of your own data and run everything under your own domain.

  • How Can I Be Paid?

    To receive payments directly into your bank account, link your Stripe or PayPal account. These two payment processors are widely accepted and used. Remember that they charge a small fee—usually around 3%—while we don’t.

  • Do You Allow Integrations With Pixels?

    Yes! Hypage lets you add the Facebook Pixel,GTM, and Google Analytics directly. You can also add scripts from other programs.

  • What Kinds Of Analytics Do You Have?

    We let you track basic numbers like clicks and pageviews, but for more detailed tracking, we recommend using GTM or Google Analytics.

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