Pixelied Lifetime Deal $49 | Top AI-Generated Picture Tools

Nov 19, 2023 | Media Tools | 0 comments

Pixelied Lifetime Deal $49 | Top AI-Generated Picture Tools

Nov 19, 2023 | Media Tools | 0 comments

Pixelied Review

Currently, tools such as AI-powered image generation and photo editing have become extremely useful and absolutely necessary for any need. 

But not everything can be done with AI-powered image generation, so maybe some AI-powered image generation costs you a lot of time and a lot of money to create any image. 

Let’s introduce you to a new set of revolutionary AI-powered image generation photo editing tools that are packed with loads of tools and help you create any graphics in a matter of minutes.

Here’s the Pixelied Lifetime Deal for $49 that gives you lifetime access to a one-time purchase. 

So let’s dive into this Pixelied Review and explore what Pixelied is, who might benefit from buying Pixelied, what Pixelied offers, how to turn your ideas into compelling visuals with a single click, 

what Pixelied AppSumo offers, how to create authentic product mockups to showcase your brand online, pros & cons Of Pixelied, how to explore your millions of stock photos for all design needs, and other information about Pixelied.

What Is Pixelied?

“Pixelied is a design toolbox in the cloud, loaded with AI image generation and photo editing tools, all to speed up your graphic creations, and it can help you produce graphics in a matter of minutes.

Unleash your creative concepts using Pixelied’s AI image generator. Simply input text, and watch it transform into a graphic.

You get four diverse AI-generated image options based on your text.

Moreover, you can easily tweak any of these AI-generated images using the editor canvas with just a few clicks!

That gives you the power to add text, stock photos, icons—or even strip the background for your very own original design.”

Which Customers Benefit From Pixelied:


The Pixelied Lifetime Deal is perfects for:

  • Graphic designers
  • SaaS
  • Solopreneurs
  • YouTubers
  • Content Creators
  • Social media marketers
  • Freelancer

Some Beneficial Features Of Pixelied:


Transform your concepts into eye-catching visuals with a single click:

  • Harness the power of AI to refine and perfect images—from enhancing low-quality photos to sharpening blurry images or even colorizing black-and-white pics.
  • Use professional filters and effects like sepia, vintage, brightness, blur, and contrast to spruce up your images. Pixelied provides a range of dynamic, user-friendly editing tools for crafting branded designs ideal for social media, blog posts, and more.

Refine your photos using AI-powered editing tools:

  • Pixelied offers over 2,000 customizable mockup assets to create realistic and professional product mockups. Choose from a variety of templates, including t-shirts, phones, laptops, and packaging.
  • Once you’ve polished your design, download high-resolution mockups in multiple file formats to share with your team. Easily turn mockups into tangible products through custom printing options.

Create authentic product mockups to showcase your brand online:

  • With Pixelied’s machine learning capability, removing the background from any image is a breeze—just a click away.
  • Swap out backgrounds, colors, and elements using the editing toolkit without redoing the photo shoot.

Simply click to change photo backdrops, images, or colors:

  • Forget the endless Pinterest browsing for graphic inspiration (and getting side-tracked by dip recipes).
  • Pixelied is a user-friendly design tool that breathes life into your creative ideas, no technical know-how required.

“Start your design journey instantly with a vast collection of templates:

  • Access an ever-expanding library of templates, including thumbnails, header images, story and post graphics, catering to all your marketing channels—from social media to email. Easily brand your content using Pixelied’s free image editor.

Explore millions of stock photos for all your design needs:

  • Select from over 4 million royalty-free stock photos to create captivating and distinct designs for your business with our online graphic design tool.

Infuse life into your designs with thousands of icons:

  • Enhance your designs using our extensive library of icons. Search through our array of icons tailored for various occasions and purposes without any design experience needed.

Erase image backgrounds effortlessly:

  • Remove backgrounds from images in a single click and edit photos online using an assortment of editing tools.
  • Add people, products, or other visuals to create professional high-resolution transparent images.

Set up workspaces for your brands and projects:

  • Develop a dedicated workspace for each brand or project, allowing customization with distinct colors, designs, files, and settings.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with team members including designers, copywriters, and developers.

Easily create product mockups:

  • Craft realistic and professional mockups for your applications and websites with a few simple clicks. No need to invest hours in getting the perfect mockup for your product.

See What Else You Can Easily Edit With Pixelied?

Add a touch of uniqueness with our illustrations:

Explore Pixelied’s collection of 700+ hand-drawn illustrations in diverse styles. Seamlessly change illustration colors to suit your requirements and use them for landing pages, software, or applications.

Import and modify vector files:

Upload vector graphics from tools like Photoshop and Illustrator to tailor your designs. Alter colors, styles, backgrounds, or other design elements using our free online graphics maker.

Extensive photo editing capabilities:

Customize and edit photos effortlessly with Pixelied’s array of user-friendly photo editing tools. These include an eye-dropper, opacity, layers, borders, object grouping, shadows, flip, duplicate, filters, effects, and alignment.

Optimize image sizes for social media:

Design social media visuals with ease, making an impact on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Save hours of design time by creating multi-channel campaigns in seconds.”

Tool for the whole design suite:

You can edit pictures online with this powerful suite that is full of templates, stock photos, mockups, icons, drawings, and more.

Improve Your Images Editing Using Some Tools Of Pixelied:

  • Merge Images:
  • Bring together multiple images smoothly. Create amazing combinations that really grab attention and inspire.
  • Crop Image:
  • Trim away anything you don’t want in your photo with just a few clicks!
  • Flip Image:
  • Turn your pictures around instantly. Make your visuals look cooler in no time.
  • Watermark Photos:
  • Keep your photos safe and add your personal touch by putting watermarks on them.
  • Mirror Image:
  • Make your photos look super cool with reflections and awesome symmetrical designs.
  • Rotate Image:
  • Play around with different angles. See your photos from a whole new perspective.

What Does AppSumo Offer Pixelied?

  • 500,000+ premium icons and illustrations
  • Resize designs to 30+ formats
  • 100+ text styles
  • Custom fonts upload
  • Unlimited folders
  • Unlimited brand presets
  • 2000+ realistic product mockups
  • AI photo sharpener
  • AI photo enhancer
  • AI face cutout
  • AI photo colorizer
  • AI blur background
  • AI cartoon selfie
  • Lifetime access to Pixelied
  • All future Pro+ Plan updates
  • Previous AppSumo users will be grandfathered into the new feature limits.
  • Prior AppSumo Pixelied buyers can buy extra tickets to raise feature restrictions.

Lifetime Pricing Plan Of Pixelied AppSumo:


One-time purchase of $49

  • 5 workspaces
  • 20 AI image generation credits
  • 35 background remove credits
  • 1 team member(s)
  • AI image generation


One-time purchase of $98

  • 10 workspaces
  • 40 AI image generation credits
  • 75 background remove credits
  • 3 team member(s)
  • AI image generation


One-time purchase of $147

  • 25 workspaces
  • 60 AI image generation credits
  • 100 background remove credits
  • 5 team member(s)
  • AI image generation

Guaranteed Refund within 60 Days

Get Your 10% Discounts On Pixelied Lifetime Deal:


Here’s an easy four-step guide to securing your 10% discount on the Pixelied Lifetime Deal:

  • Visit the Pixelied page on AppSumo.
  • Look out for the agreement pop-up.
  • Enter your work email address.
  • Click “unlock my 10%.”

Note: that there are 10% savings with this offer. This offer is only available to people making their first purchase

Regular pricing Of Pixelied:

Free $0

  • Start creating stunning designs at no cost!
  • Basic editing tools
  • 200+ free templates
  • Thousands of stock
  • photos and graphics

Pro Plan

$3.9 per month

$47 billed annually

  • 100 AI image generation credits
  • 50 BG remover credits
  • Over 500,000 premium icons and illustrations
  • Resize designs to over 30 formats
  • 100+ text styles
  • Ability to upload custom fonts


$6.5 per month

$79 billed annually

  • 300 AI image generation credits
  • Over 2000 realistic product mockups
  • AI photo sharpener
  • AI photo enhancer
  • AI face cutout
  • AI photo colorizer
  • AI blur background
  • AI cartoon selfie

Pros And Cons Of Pixelied:


  • Lovely designs that are already made
  • You can drag and drop things
  • A simple, easy-to-understand interface
  • Very quick time to load
  • Ability to upload vectors
  • Can be subscribed to for free
  • Optimize image sizes for social media
  • Extensive photo editing capabilities
  • Import and modify vector files
  • Add a touch of uniqueness with our illustrations
  • Easily create product mockups
  • Set up workspaces for your brands and projects
  • Create authentic product mockups to showcase your brand online
  • Explore millions of stock photos for all your design needs


  • Purchasing Pixelied directly on their website might involve a bit of complexity. They offer two payment options: either $3.9 per month or $47 annually, or $6.5 per month or $79 annually.
  • However, the good news is that you can simplify things by opting for the Pixelied AppSumo Lifetime Deal. With a one-time payment of $49, you gain access for a lifetime. 
  • This eliminates the need for worrying about monthly charges. You also have the option to choose a one-time purchase pack that suits your needs. This way, you’ll enjoy lifetime access without any hassle. And more advantage is that you can choose any of the 3 plans for you

Alternatives To Pixelied:

PhotoKit Photo Editor:

There are many advanced editing tools that will let you turn your pictures into beautiful works of art. PhotoKit can make great photos and movies with a lot of different effects and edits thanks to image processing and artificial intelligence algorithms.


Airbrush can change word into art and art into text. If you have trouble putting words into a picture, send it to Airbrush. Our AI will describe it in great detail.

Airbrush is designed to improve the way artistic projects are done. A study from Emory University School of Medicine found that looking at art stimulates the ventral striatum, which makes people more creative.


ContentPresso is a cutting-edge AI-powered platform that combines a picture generator with a huge library of ready-made content to give you more power than ever before when you’re writing content.


Illusto is an online video editor that lets you add video themes, voiceovers, more than 122 million stock images, and an AI image generator.

You can start making movies right away by using templates that are already made for different types of businesses, themes, and subjects.

Finally Some words:

“Pixelied is a fantastic design tool with AI magic. It helps you create awesome graphics super fast. Whether you’re a designer or just starting out, Pixelied’s got you covered.

The AppSumo Lifetime Deal is a smart choice. It’s a one-time payment, giving you lifetime access without monthly hassles. It’s perfect for anyone wanting easy, professional designs without the fuss.

In a nutshell, Pixelied makes designing easy, and the Lifetime Deal makes it even better. Unlock your creative journey effortlessly!”

So don’t delay and buy the Pixelied Lifetime Deal now..

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here, I’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions in the Pixelied Review

What makes Pixelied special for image editing?

Picture this: AI-powered tools, customizable mockups, and filters to make your images shine. It’s like giving your photos a makeover, and Pixelied is the stylist.

Is Pixelied easy for beginners to use?

Absolutely. Pixelied is like the friendly neighbor who helps you without making things complicated. Even if you’re a beginner, you can dive right in and bring your ideas to life.

Can Pixelied help with social media marketing?

Yes, indeed! Pixelied has templates for all your marketing adventures, and a treasure trove of stock photos and icons to make your designs pop on social media.

What are the pros of using Pixelied for design purposes?

Pixelied is like a superhero for design – ready-made designs, a simple interface, quick loading, and even the ability to upload vectors. It’s your creative sidekick for all things design.

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