Xound Lifetime Deal $39 | Popular AI Voice Cleaner Tool

Mar 19, 2024 | Media Tools | 0 comments

Xound Lifetime Deal $39 | Popular AI Voice Cleaner Tool

Mar 19, 2024 | Media Tools | 0 comments

Xound Review

Are you fed up with the low quality of your audio recordings? Do you wish to elevate the quality of your audio recordings?

Do you find yourself frustrated by background noise ruining your audio content, making it sound unprofessional and distracting?

Constantly re-recording takes can be time-consuming and discouraging. But don’t worry, a revolutionary solution is here. Look no further.

Introducing Xound Lifetime Deal, an innovative AI-powered tool designed to elevate your audio recordings to a whole new level.

With Xound, you can effortlessly enhance the quality of your voice recordings, removing unwanted background noise to deliver a crystal-clear listening experience.

Say goodbye to tinny-sounding content and hello to polished, pitch-perfect vocals with Xound’s cutting-edge technology.

If you’re ready to take your audio content to the next level, Xound is the tool you’ve been waiting for.

So let’s find out in this Xound Review post, what is Xound, why should you use Xound, who is suitable to use it, its key features, and all the benefits and discounts of Xound AppSumo.

What Is Xound?

Xound is like your audio ally, creating a safe space for capturing great-quality sounds.

With its AI voice enhancement and local processing, it’s your go-to tool to effortlessly uplift the audio quality of your content.

Ensure your voice resonates just the way you want it to. Experience the magic of Xound, where quality meets simplicity.

Who Should Buy Xound?


The best AI Voice Cleaner & Remove Background Noise Xound is great for:

  • Content Creators
  • Podcasters
  • Youtubers
  • Tiktokers
  • And Anyone Who Wants To Be Heard

Key Features Of Xound:

Xound Review

Unleash Your Audio Brilliance

  • Xound, your audio ally, crafts a seamless audio experience, ensuring your voice resonates just as you wish.

Effortless Sound Refinement

  • Enhance your entire audio track effortlessly or refine specific segments for a polished outcome.

Automatic Quality Insights

  • Xound intuitively identifies areas to enhance by automatically detecting audio quality nuances.

Natural Vocal Harmony

  • Preserve the authenticity of your vocals with natural pitch detection, achieving a refined sound.

Smooth Audio Processing

  • Swiftly identify and clean chosen audio sections with a seamless processing experience.

User-Friendly Interface

  • Easily drag and drop files or record directly within Xound’s user-friendly platform.

Trustworthy Data Management

  • Rest assured, your data stays secure on your device—nothing is stored on Xound.

Seamless WhatsApp Integration

  • Edit audio on the fly by sending media files directly from WhatsApp to Xound.

Effortless File Handling

  • Upload files effortlessly or record within Xound for pristine audio creation.

Elevate Content Quality

  • Accurately capture every word and sound to captivate your audience and stand out.

AI-Powered Noise Be Gone

  • Step into the future with Xound’s noise remover for professional sound quality, no matter your recording environment.
  • Xound—where audio excellence meets simplicity. It sounds like a pro with AI.

Why Should You Use Xound?

Perfect Pitch, Authentic Essence

  • Achieve flawlessly tuned vocals without sacrificing authenticity, creating tracks that sound untouched yet impeccably refined.

Crystal-Clear Conversations

  • Immerse yourself in unparalleled communication with top-tier Background Noise Removal, silencing distractions and amplifying meaningful dialogues.

Crisp and Clear Vocals

  • Utilizing Cepstrum analysis for pitch detection and Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC) for feature extraction, ensure precision and high performance.

Revolutionize Listening Pleasure

  • Our groundbreaking approach elevates audio quality, delivering a crystal-clear listening experience that minimizes listener fatigue.

Vibrant Voice Presence

  • Infuse brilliance into your voice, making it distinct amidst background scores or effects, enhancing dialogue intelligibility and attention.

Consistent Audio Dynamics

  • Dynamic Range Compression maintains a steady volume, preventing listener fatigue and ensuring engagement, especially in noisy environments.

Ad-Free and Trustworthy

  • Escape the clutter – no ads here. We’re dedicated to a quality, reliable platform, free from spam, and committed to your privacy.

Safety First

  • Your files are secure on your device with local processing, offering peace of mind with no server uploads. Your security is our priority.

Xound Lifetime Includes:

  • Process unlimited audio and video files
  • Achieve natural pitch correction
  • Remove background noise effectively
  • Utilize advanced techniques like Cepstrum analysis and MFCC
  • Enhance overall audio quality
  • Add high-frequency presence for voice brightness
  • Apply dynamic range compression for consistent volume levels
  • Ensure zero server uploads for enhanced privacy
  • Conduct local audio processing directly in your browser
  • Enjoy instant on-demand audio processing
  • Access advanced audio enhancement features

Xound AppSumo Pricing Plans:

License Tier 1

One-time purchase of $39

  • 20 processing hours per month

License Tier 2

One-time purchase of $149

  • Unlimited processing hours per month

Guaranteed Refund within 60 Days

Unlock Your 10% Off on Xound Lifetime Deal:

  • Go to the AppSumo Xound Deal Page.
  • Simply click on the purchase button to unveil the discount pop-up bar.
  • Provide a valid email address to move forward with the purchase.
  • Please use the same email address for the entire transaction.

Note: that there are 10% savings with this offer. This offer is only available to people making their first purchase

Xound Regular Pricing Plans:

Single -Use

$ 4.99 per month

  • 1 file
  • Instant audio processing
  • Privacy with local processing
  • Access standard audio tools
  • No subscriptions needed


$ 11.99 per month

  • Prioritize privacy with local audio processing.
  • Opt for an A100 GPU for superior performance.
  • Get priority access to customer support.
  • Unlock exclusive features for advanced audio enhancements.

Alternatives To Xound:


FlexClip is an effortlessly easy online video maker. With its straightforward yet powerful editing features, it’s the ideal tool for creating attractive short video projects. 

Perfect for those who want their videos to look good without spending too much time or having advanced filmmaking skills. Explore additional details about > FlexClip Lifetime Deal > by clicking here.


Minvo simplifies the process of turning your lengthy videos into engaging clips for social media. 

Using AI, it identifies crucial moments, adds subtitles, and includes a b-roll, emojis, auto-framing, and more, making content creation stress-free. Explore additional details about > Minvo Lifetime Deal > by clicking here.


Prowd is a set of user-friendly online video-making tools, thst prioritizing simplicity, speed, and flexibility. 

It provides a distinct alternative to complex video software, catering to non-designers and busy individuals. . Explore additional details about > Prowd Lifetime Deal > by clicking here.

Pros And Cons Of Xound:

Pros Of Xound:


  • Xound exceeded my AI skepticism, providing an impressive sound upgrade. A must-have for a professional touch!

Jake H., Content Producer

  • As a YouTuber in a not-so-quiet room, Xound is my new BFF, offering studio-like noise cancellation.

Alex R., YouTuber

  • Xound transformed my videos into awesome-sounding content, even for a non-audio geek like me!

Mauro JD., YouTuber

  • In the podcasting world, clean audio is crucial. Xound elevates ordinary recordings into extraordinary experiences every time.

Jessica M., Podcast Host

  • Xound takes away technical worries, making my dance videos sound professionally done for my channel.

Cons of Xound:

  • Users might experience a learning curve initially, especially those unfamiliar with audio processing tools.
  • As an online tool, Xound relies on internet connectivity, which could be a limitation in offline scenarios.

Last Word:

In conclusion, Xound offers a groundbreaking solution for enhancing audio quality through its AI voice cleaner and background noise removal features. 

With its user-friendly platform and secure local processing capabilities, Xound empowers users to effortlessly optimize their audio content with professional-grade results. 

Whether cleaning up an entire track or fine-tuning specific segments, Xound’s intuitive interface and natural pitch detection ensure a seamless editing experience. 

By integrating with popular platforms like WhatsApp, Xound provides a convenient way to enhance audio files on the go. 

Elevate your audio production with Xound and transform your content into crystal-clear, professional-sounding creations.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here, I’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions in the Xound Review

Can I selectively clean parts of an audio file with Xound?

Yes, Xound allows users to clean the entire audio track or choose specific sections for a more polished sound.

How does Xound automatically detect and tweak audio quality?

Xound’s AI-powered technology automatically identifies areas in the audio track that can be tweaked for improved quality.

Is my data secure with Xound?

Absolutely! Xound prioritizes user data security by processing all data locally on the user’s device, ensuring privacy.

Can Xound be used for video processing?

Yes, Xound’s AI-powered tech facilitates the processing of both audio and video in just a few clicks.

How can I access Xound and start creating premium audio content?

Get lifetime access to Xound today and unlock the potential to sound like a pro with AI.

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